Saturday, March 03, 2012

First Look At Dreamworks Animation's THE CROODS!

If you have been reading MarketSaw for years than you know I've been following this development project for a long time. I love who wrote the original drafts (back then it was called CROOD AWAKENING) - none other than the legendary John Cleese.

Since then, Kirk De Micco and Chris Saunders (HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, MULAN, THE LION KING, ALADDIN, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST) have taken up the writing reins (and also directing) so hopefully it will be the classic comedy I've been seeking for so long!

I want a drop dead funny comedy - kind of like a MONTY PYTHON meets modern animation. If DWA can effectively mix the original DNA from Cleese with the expertise of Saunders and De Micco then we should be in for a treat.

Here's the official storyline from DWA:
The Croods is a 3D comedy adventure from DreamWorks Animation that takes us back to the beginning – to a previously undiscovered era known as the Croodacious – a time when Mother Nature was still experimenting and the flora and fauna we know today hasn’t evolved yet. At the heart of this comedically chaotic world is the Crood family, led by Grug (Academy Award® winner Nicolas Cage), an over-protective father who, like all dads, is doing all he can to hold his family together as the world around them changes at a dramatic pace.

Together with his wife (Catherine Keener), kids (Emma Stone and Clark Duke) and ornery mother-in-law (Cloris Leachman) in tow, Grug guides his family through this spectacular environment, full of amazing creatures, to find a new cave to call home. Along the way, they encounter Guy (Ryan Reynolds), an imaginative and resourceful newcomer who takes risks and wholeheartedly embraces the promise of tomorrow. Audiences will relate to the hilarious family antics as Guy helps the Croods navigate their way into the bright future.

Watch out for this one folks. I think it could be the real deal and an instant classic!

Source: The Crood's Facebook Page

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