Wednesday, March 21, 2012

**UPDATED!! MUST SEE: TWO New Images From PROMETHEUS Viral Marketing

**SAME DAY UPDATE: Fans have uncovered a SECOND image as well!!

Wow - a stunning high resolution photo from PROMETHEUS!
Check out the high resolution shot here courtesy of Collider.

Click images to enlarge...

Apparently a website called Project Prometheus has the the hidden high res photo and by adding "/eridu" to the end of the site's top level URL you get prompted for a password which those intrepid fans set out to uncover. Which they did: The password is "tell abu shahrain".

Now this portal is more than likely also host to many other images and clips and we just need to find the passwords. Care to try? :-)

For all of our PROMETHEUS coverage, click here. The movie remains my NUMBER ONE most anticipated movie of 2012. Stay tuned for more!!

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