Monday, March 12, 2012

MUST WATCH: PROMETHEUS Trailer For A Trailer!!

Oh man you have got to love the visuals for this movie. I'm not even hesitating in saying that you will; I don't even have to account for individual taste for this thing!

Today we have the teaser for the trailer that Ridley Scott has promised us on March 17, the day he and Damon Lindelof personally will be addressing Q&As from the audience at Downtown Disney (4pm Pacific for 30 minutes, invite only). Both of them will also drop in on WonderCon earlier in the day.

The sound is so remarkable too. We are going to be in such suspense watching this movie - I am hoping for another ALIEN all over again! Too much to hope for? Will I be let down? Somehow I don't think so. :-)

You have to hand it to Fox - they know how to sell a sci-fi movie. AVATAR reaped the rewards too. More when I get it

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