Sunday, March 11, 2012


**UPDATE, March 12 - Apparently this is a fake. I am truly disappointed. Whoever made this thing could have taken pride in it and posted it as fan tribute - but instead takes the low road. This was debunked by someone in the know and should know.

Guys - if this thing is true I am totally amped about getting this 3D blu-ray!
One of my readers has sent me a link to his/her uploaded bootleg trailer of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND 3D that is meant to promote the 3D blu-ray for the classic sci-fi movie!

Not only that but my source says:
"I can't tell you any details but as a fan of marketsaw I want to give you and your readers an exclusive look. Prepare for more. It's the first of a 3D collection."

The FIRST of a 3D collection!! Oh YEAH. Classic sci-fi perhaps? A 3D Spielberg collection perhaps? What's your speculation guys?

Check it out while you can! This may get pulled VERY soon:

I sincerely hope this is on the up and up. The trailer says December 2012 - obviously aiming for the holiday season. It certainly rings true as I know Spielberg has certainly considered converting some of his library to 3D - like JURASSIC PARK. I can't contain my giddiness about this - I'm beside myself!! :-)

More info when I get it! And hopefully it's a confirmation...

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