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Introducing Phobia Films! We Give An Update On Our 3D Horror / Thriller PROJECT ANNAPOLIS And Appoint Our Director Of Engineering

Allow me to introduce Phobia Films to you all. I started the 3D production company last year with a few scripts in development and now we are up to six projects with one of them, codenamed PROJECT ANNAPOLIS, in pre-production. During the past 12 months I've been gathering resources and contacts for the company and I must say it's been a pleasure doing so. I appreciate all the assistance and feedback I've been getting!
Andrew Steeves           

I'm also pleased to announce that Andrew Steeves has just joined us as in-house Director of Engineering, responsible for overall Project Management, Risk Management, Location Management, Set Design and Procurement for our entire slate of upcoming projects. Further he will be Executive Producer on PROJECT ANNAPOLIS. 

We will be producing both native 3D and 3D conversions depending on the characteristics of the projects. A decision on which direction PROJECT ANNAPOLIS will take will be made in the coming months. 2D distributions will also be made available of course. 

I wish I could tell you more about PROJECT ANNAPOLIS right now, but it is all under wraps. I can say that it will be horror / thriller fiction based in actual science and that we will have rich, developed characters. I can tell you that it will be shot in gorgeous Nova Scotia, a province with spectacular locations and a rich history. Phobia Films is based out of Dartmouth, NS where a great deal of growth in film production has taken place recently and is home to a new breed of cutting edge filmmakers. There are more project details in the press release below...

Stay tuned for more information about our exciting lineup of projects, especially PROJECT ANNAPOLIS. I invite you to "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates as they happen!

Here's our official press release today:


Phobia Films Appoints Andrew Steeves To Director Of Engineering And Gives An Update On The Upcoming Horror / Thriller Production PROJECT ANNAPOLIS To Be Shot In Nova Scotia.

DARTMOUTH, Nova Scotia (JUNE 25, 2012) - Phobia Films announced today that Andrew Steeves will be assuming the in-house role of Director of Engineering responsible for overall Project Management, Risk Management, Location Management, Set Design and Procurement for their entire slate of upcoming projects. Further, Mr. Steeves will also be assuming the role of Executive Producer for Phobia Films latest movie production, PROJECT ANNAPOLIS.

Mr. Steeves has been associated with the company for over a year now but due to the confidentiality of the PROJECT ANNAPOLIS production an announcement was not made until today.

Mr. Steeves is an established and successful Civil Engineer and a graduate of the University of New Brunswick's Civil Engineering program.

Steeves joins the team at Phobia Films owned by Jim Dorey. Mr. Dorey is also the Writer, Director and a Producer on PROJECT ANNAPOLIS as well as Editor-in-Chief of the world's premier 3D movie news site Phobia Films currently has six scripts in development with one in pre-production.

"I've known Jim for a few years and now that his slate of projects have matured it's time to help execute," said Mr. Steeves. "PROJECT ANNAPOLIS is such an exciting project - we've got some spectacular surprises lined up for you. I'm excited to be a part of it."

Continues Steeves: "Jim has an outstanding array of contacts in the industry from top Hollywood power players, to creative and performing talent, to financiers and distributors. I'm anxious to tap into that network to augment our local production capabilities here in Nova Scotia."

"Andrew brings us over 17 years of experience in Engineering, Project and Risk Management," Mr. Dorey states. "His ability to bring reality to creativity is extremely valuable and he represents a significant step forward for Phobia Films. It's a great day welcoming him aboard."

PROJECT ANNAPOLIS is slated to start shooting in the summer of 2013. The horror / thriller redefines the genre by fully utilizing a character driven story to ensure the audience truly cares and the movie truly scares. A controversial and soon to be legendary new antagonist will be introduced that is sure to have viewers talking everywhere. The movie will be distributed in both 2D and 3D. A decision on shooting native 3D or a post conversion will be made shortly.

Phobia Films was founded by Jim Dorey in 2012 as a Thriller / Horror / Action genre entertainment production company with a special love of stereoscopic 3D. Phobia Films is headquartered in the fast growing film production city of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.


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