Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Release Dates For Universal's 47 RONIN And JURASSIC PARK 3D

Universal has changed the release schedule of a couple of their 3D movies - namely 47 RONIN and JURASSIC PARK 3D.

Everything we've heard and seen from Keanu Reeves new samurai movie 47 RONIN looks like it's really going to impress. The movie has been moved from February to Christmas 2013 (and it was originally slated for a November 2012 launch). Director Carl Rinsch probably has some fairly intense visual effects that need to be perfected and thus the time shift. An argument can certainly be made that the move wasn't done as a defensive maneuver as Christmas is a much more crowded market than February.

Further, Universal has pulled up JURASSIC PARK 3D from July 19 to April 5, 2013. Generally this move is being seen as simply a better marketplace for revisiting Steven Spielberg's dinosaur classic - now sporting a modern new 3D conversion.

Looks like these moves make a lot of sense, so I'm happy in the end...

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