Monday, August 13, 2012

Love 3D Movies? Want To get Involved? How About A 70's Inspired Horror Film! COCAINE SLEEPOVER Launches On Kickstarter...

Ever thought about getting involved with a 3D movie production but not quite sure about the best way of going about doing that? Kickstarter is an innovative approach to crowd source funding and it works particularly well with independent movies.

COCAINE SLEEPOVER is utilizing Kickstarter to raise funds for "A '70s-inspired horror film about a girly sleepover that meets a cocaine rage. Scream queens look out: it's Gore Whore Daniella Pineda!"

Its going to be a full length feature movie hot in native 3D that reimagines '70s grindhouse, with the campy absurdism of Peter Jackson's Dead Alive. Think Bridesmaids meets Tarantino in 3D.

I'm liking the project and the talent that's attached so much, that I am working with the creators to help get this thing made. I think it looks amazing so far and so do the fine people at 21st Century 3D - they too are teaming up with director Shane Duckworth and actress Daniella Pineda to make it happen. 21st are providing a 3D beam splitter, 3D monitors, specialized matching cinema lenses for 3D, and most important, talent and over 20 years of experience in 3D production.

Personally I think the whole effort will be worth it. The end result is going to look fantastic and it sounds as though this independent satirical horror movie will kick it up a notch to a whole new level.

Shane Duckworth is both a director and cinematographer and has worked on major Hollywood films like TERMINATOR SALVATION, BROTHERS and OBSERVE AND REPORT. He co-directed the award winning movie WITHOUT A CROWD and shot the highly praised album trailer for Sleigh Bells' REIGN OF TERROR. He is now shooting for PROJECT RUNWAY and has just opened Brooklyn Movie Works with partner Jon Cooper.

Daniella Pineda is an up-and-coming writer-actress and is taking over the Internet. Jezebel says, "You Need to Be Watching This Woman's Videos!" She has been featured in everything from Ed Burns' NEWLYWEDS to tons of College Humor videos, including GIRLS WATCH PORN, TOO, as well as Amy Schumer's new show on Comedy Central, and she is currently shooting for MTV.

The cast members include: Evan Gregory, Jason Selvig, Ana Kayne and Lyle Friedman.

Here are the crew members:
Animation, Special Effects and Art: Masha Gvozdov
Camera OP and Stills Photographer: Jon Cooper
Production Coordinator: Christina Woolston
Set Design and Art: Erin Charest
Sound: Greg Swiatlowski
Music: Ahmad Jean-Loius and Clare Farris, Paul Rivers Bailey, and Elliott Klein
Grip/Electric/Set Rock Stars: Yair Tygiel, Paul Rivers Bailey, and Eric Klein

But to really get a feeling for the project, you have to check out the introduction for the Kickstarter project:

So what do you think? I definitely want you to consider this project as a way to get involved with a 3D movie and not only that, but a movie that I personally think will work. They are not asking for a lot of money here because so much is being donated to the greater cause, and the professionalism is going to be there for this horror comedy.

A perfect way to get involved in 3D. So check out the various rewards that are available for each donation level (you could even be a Producer on this thing!) and get excited! I know I am.

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