Thursday, November 01, 2012

Karl Urban Joins Willow Shields In THE WONDER 3-D

Karl Urban fan? Of course you are. Urban will be joining Willow Shields (THE HUNGER GAMES) and Leehom Wang in an interesting new family adventure movie, THE WONDER 3-D.

Ron Underwood (CITY SLICKERS, MIGHTY JOE YOUNG) is directing along with producers Steve Sachs, Robert Sidaway, Iain Brown and Chun-Yi Yuehare. THE WONDER 3-D will be made available during AFM.

Shooting is set to commence in New Zealand and China in March, 2013 and Pixomondo (HUGO) will be doing the effects.

From Variety: The film follows a 14-year-old (Shields) who, along with two of her classmates, finds the end of a rainbow. As they step inside the rainbow, it takes them away to China where local authorities and a mysterious organization are soon after them. Urban will portray a consul who delivers unexpected help.

Sounds fun. More info when we get it!

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