Friday, February 15, 2013

MarketSaw Exclusive Gains Traction!! You Heard It Here First - Harrison Ford Circling STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

Well if you are a MarketSaw reader than you know that we had this story a LONG time ago in a post far, far away. But going back even further to October 21, 2009 we were the first to break the story that the STAR WARS franchise will have Episodes VII, VIII and IX *AND* that they were going to be in stereoscopic 3D *AND* that George Lucas would NOT be directing.

All of that has been been proven correct and verified by Lucasfilm (eventually - they denied it at first of course) and Disney.

Let's skip ahead to November 2, 2012 now, when we broke yet another exclusive story that the third trilogy (EP VII, VIII and IX) will in fact bring back the original stars including Harrison Ford as Hans Solo. Yeah, this is old news. Ford may be close to signing something, but the fact that the story involves him and that he may have already been approached is MarketSaw's story.

It's nice to know that all of our STAR WARS exclusives are coming true (just like all of our AVATAR and HOBBIT exclusives) but it does irk me that other sites claim to have the exclusives on these things. Not by a long shot.

Keep checking back with us if you want to be the first to know, months if not YEARS before other sites. More STAR WARS and AVATAR news soon!!

Source: Ford close to signing via Latinoreview 


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