Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Michael Bay Shooting TRANSFORMERS 4 With New Small Form Factor 3D IMAX Cameras

Here's an interesting story out of Cinemacon (unfortunately I couldn't make it this year!) from a friend of mine, Steve Weintraub of Collider. He had a brief chance to talk with Michael Bay and he made the most of it - Steve can work wonders in a short period of time and he asked exactly what I would have asked him too if I could have made it down to Vegas.

Essentially Bay said that IMAX has given him very expensive, new small form factor (Bay shows us the size using his hands) 3D IMAX cameras to use on TRANSFORMERS 4. To top that off, there is so much data streaming out from these things (VERY high resolution), that Bay's finishing company would not be able to handle it all if he was to shoot the movie in this way. That's saying a lot knowing that Bay does NOT use cheap services. So, Bay will only be shooting key scenes with these cameras for TF4.

Bay also revealed that he will not be shooting in HFR (high frame rate).

Here's the interview from Collider - enjoy!

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