Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference Converges Sept 20-23 With Yours Truly!

I've received and accepted a moderator role at the Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference this month from the 20th to the 23rd. The conference is a great influencer in Canada and the world in the S3D industry. This year they are reaching out with special screenings, top line talent complete with an exceptional workshop on Quality in Stereo-3D and a masterclass held by Demetri Portelli (47 RONIN, HUGO).

I'll be helming the 6pm session on September 22st entitled: 3D CREATION ON A 2D BUDGET with panelists April Mullen (DEAD BEFORE DAWN 3D), Eric Tessier (5150 ELM'S WAY) and Alex Farrell (Director, Media and Entertainment, RBC Commercial Markets). This also ties nicely into what I'm doing with my own passion production, DREADLOCK.

I'm really excited about the events! You can find out more and plan to attend right here:

The Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference is an acclaimed unique international gathering of creative, scientific and business minds discussing, discovering and inspiring innovation in “Stereoscopic 3D” Cinema. Brought together by the 3D Film Innovation Consortium (3D FLIC), the Conference offers the highest quality discussions on the creative, scientific and business challenges and possibilities of Stereoscopic 3D.

The 3D Shorts Programme consists of six Canadian and international short stereoscopic films, animations and videos produced in the last two years. This selection of stereoscopic shorts was specially curated for the 2nd Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference by 3D cinema scholar Sanja Obradovic.

Here are the speakers who will be speaking this year at the conference:

Catherine Owens (U23D, Sculpting Space)
Robert Neuman (Disney)
Demitri Portelli (Stereographer - Hugo, 47 Ronan)
Graham Clark (Stereo D)
Stephen Low (IMAX)
Hugh Murray (IMAX)
Marty Banks (Berkeley),
Andrew Watson (NASA),
April Mullen (Dead before Dawn)
Eric Tessier (Les Pee Wee 3D)
Matt Cowan (Entertainment Technology Consultants Canada Inc.)
Drew Fellman (Born to be Wild)
Jim Chabin, (President International 3D Society)
Laurie Wilcox (York University)
Robert Allison (York University)
Ali Kazimi (York University)
Buzz Hayes (True Image Company, Inc)
Gordon Harris (Christie)
Munro Fergusson (Director, NFB)
James Stewart (Director - Foxed!)
Jonathan Barker (Flight of the Butterflies 3D)
Paul Salvini (Christie)
Liane Kotler (TVO Doc Studio)
Tony Gunnarsson (IHS Screen Digest)
Florian Maier (Stereotec)
Bill White (3D International Media Partners)
Phillipe Baylaucq (Ora)
Julian Pinn (Dolby)
Tim Dashwood (Dashwood Cinema Solutions)
Peter Lude (SMPTE)
Brian Cullen (University of Waterloo)
Jeremy Lloyd (Marketing Magazine)
Jim Dorey (Editor-in-Chief MarketSaw)
Adam May (Vision 3D)
Mark Stevens (Redlab)
Ken McNeil (Creative Post Inc.)
Peter Armstrong (byDeluxe)
Ian Herring (Parallax Films)
M. Bove (MIT),
N. Schneider (
Vincent Chapdelaine-Couture (McGill)
Roy Anthony (Christie)
Cristin Bargheil (Side Effects Software)
Eric Deren (Dzignlight Studios)
Ihor Petelycky (Spatial View)
Alex Farrell (Director, Media and Entertainment, RBC)
Piotr Didyk (MIT),
Stephen Palmisano (University Wollongong),
Inna Tsirlin (York University)
Denise Quesnel (Emily Carr University)
Maria Lantin (Emily Carr University)
John Helliker (Sheridan College, SIRT)
Andrew Hogue (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
Bernhard Riecke (Simon Fraser University)

Special thanks to James Stewart of Geneva Films Co. for co-chairing the conference and inviting me to participate.

If you have the opportunity to attend I'd love to see you in person! More on the conference soon...

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