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Tim here, and you need to check out insanely impressive, awesome looking STALINGRAD Visual Effects Reel! Something that's even more impressive is the amount of work that went into this VFX Reel just to show all of the layers and work that went into creating the spectacular effects seen in the film. The movie came out in 3D earlier this fall, and is directed by Fedor Bondarchuk with the 3D produced by Steve Schklair (3ality Technica; using their TS-5 rig and SIP (Stereoscopic Image Processor)), and it stars Thomas Kretschmann (KING KONG, WANTED, RESIDENT EVIL: APOCOLYPSE) and Yanina Studilina. The folks at 3ality Technica should continue to be very proud of this movie. The visual effects were done by Main Road|Post, and you can learn more about them on their Official Site:

As of December 8, 2013 the movie has amassed $66,982,391 from the total of its Foreign releases according to Box Office Mojo. The movie is slated to hit the UK February 21, 2014 according to the release schedule of its IMDB Page. Should it nab the Best Foreign Film Oscar Nomination at the 86th Academy Awards you can expect a North American release to occur before the final votes need to be submitted.

Here's the movie's storyline:
Written by Ilya Tilkin and Sergey Snezhkin and directed by Fedor Bondarchuk, STALINGRAD is set in 1942, when invading German troops were in control of the Volga River. A group of Soviet soldiers finds a young woman trapped behind enemy lines and works to protect her.

impressive VFX Reel IS BELOW:

The movie is performing really well overseas, and is Russia's Official Selection for entry for the Best Foreign Film Oscar Nomination at the 86th Academy Awards.

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