Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hannah Montana: Disney Continues To Use Limited Releases - And It's Working Bigtime

Well first Disney had their sold out "Best of Both Worlds" (BOBW) concert tour for Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus that had kids shaking and parents shaking their heads. Then they released the BOBW concert in Digital 3D across the country to what was supposed to be only a one week engagement - limiting the exposure, but driving up awareness. They then extended the movie's run until it had run its course (I knew they were going to do that anyway).

The formula seems to work doesn't it? It sure does. Limit availability and drive up the frenzy of kids nation wide for Hannah and Miley.

Now, Disney is bringing out the BOBW CD PLUS DVD (package deal) for an exclusive period beginning March 11th ONLY at Wal-Mart, a full month before it is released widely to other retail stores. Wal-Mart is so huge it doesn't really matter that much anyway, but the point is it is limited again in scope (one chain and for a limited time). The price will be $13.88 (sounds very Wal-Martish doesn't it?) and you can even pre-order it here (of course - just like pre-ordering the movie tickets!).

By the way, Wal-Mart has committed to bring over 140 different Hannah Montana products to market - everything from footwear to you guessed it: Music. In fact beginning March 11th, fans can download her MP3's from - OH and free shipping on any online Hannah items to your local store. That's a nice promo and really a no lose for Wal-Mart.

{sarcasm} What's really important here is that this is all in time for Easter! Woohoo Parents!! :-) {/sarcasm}.

Here is what is on them for all you "Hannah hounds":

1. Rock Star
2. Life's What You Make It
3. Just Like You
4. Nobody's Perfect
5. Pumpin' Up the Party
6. I Got Nerve
7. We Got the Party Duet with Jonas Brothers

8. Start All Over
9. Good and Broken
10. See You Again
11. Let's Dance
12. East Northumberland High
13. G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out)
14. Best of Both Worlds

1. Rock Star - Live Performance Video
2. Start All Over - Live Performance Video
3. Hangin' with the Rock Star on Tour - Behind the Scenes Video
4. Photo Slideshow

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