Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick Post: "OWN3D" to be Theatrically Released and "Big Buck Bunny" 3D to Premiere April 10th

Whew! Loads to talk about - so little time.

1. "OWN3D", a mixed martial arts movie, is going to be released in both 2D and 3D formats for theaters. The movie will be shot using the same 3D technology that U2 and Hannah Montana used for their recent concerts movies. From the press release:

"Own3D" (the movie) is an exciting action thriller set in the world of MMA that will be theatrically released in both 2D and 3D. We will be looking for a combination of talented actors and MMA fighters for the movie. Recently announced fighters for the movie include Dean Lister, Jason Mayhem Miller, Cung Le, Shonie Carter, Din Thomas and Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua and Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua. For more information on the ‘Own3D’ movie visit, and the official ‘Own3D’ myspace at For information on auditioning for ‘Own3D’ you simply text the word ‘AUDITION’ to phone number 41513. Standard texting rates apply but there are no additional charges. ‘Own3D’ was recently announced as the official movie of NAMMAE, the largest MMA trade show in North America."
So not only can you try out for the mixed martial arts movie but you get to see the results of getting your ass handed to you in 3D! AWESOME!


2. The Peach open 3D movie now entitled "Big Buck Bunny" from the Blender Institute is set to premiere all of its hard work on April 10th! I first posted about this project on October 4th and had updates here and here. This is the world's first collaborative and open 3D project - they flew in animators to Amsterdam from all over the world to work on it WITHOUT PAYING THEM (just covered transportation and living expenses) and the animators get to work with top notch equipment and to be attributed to a great movie. Great idea huh? You bet. Here are the premiere details:

  • Thursday April 10th, 2008
  • Cinema Studio K, Amsterdam the Netherlands
  • Premiere event starts at 19.00, and includes dinner and party.
Remember to support the concept by ordering the DVD right here!


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