Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cinemark and RealD announce deal for 1500 3D screens!

Hey folks, Michael here with another HUGE 3D milestone!

The 3D revolution is in full swing now as RealD 3D has teamed with Cinemark to convert 1500 Cinemark screens to 3D!  This will bring the total worldwide RealD 3D screen count to over 5000.

Michael Lewis, RealD chairman and ceo, calls the 5000 screen milestone a "game changing number for 3D and for the business of movies."

Dan Fellman, President Domestic Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures, called the deal "a huge win for studios and exhibitors alike."

Now, along with the 1500 screen Real D / Regal deal announced just last month, 2 of the 3 major theatre chains (only AMC has yet to ink a major 3D deal) have staked a big claim in the future of cinema!

RealD is now even more firmly positioned as the leader in the 3D rollout.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, although some 3D installations will proceed immediately on previously installed digital projector systems, most of Cinemark's 3D installations will have to wait until more screens are converted to digital.  And this, of course, won't happen until financial arrangements between the studios, digital projector companies, and exhibitors are ironed out.  This new deal should help expedite that financial wrangling, as one by one the theatre chains are making their commitment to 3D obvious, and no one will want to be left out!

Congratulations to both Cinemark and RealD 3D on the deal!

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