Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Confirmation: "Transformers 2" Will NOT Be In 3D

Hi all - Jim here. I have some bad news for stereoscopic 3D fans who were looking forward to seeing TRANSFORMERS 2 in 3D: It's not going to happen.

If you will remember back in May we discovered that TRANSFORMERS 2 is heavily rumored to be shot in 3D as Dolby listed the movie in their ShoWest 2008 newsletter (originally found here) along side these other previously confirmed 3D flicks in their project hopper:

The Dark Country
Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D
The Smurfs

A Christmas Carol
Ice Age 3
Monsters vs. Aliens
Transformers 2

(To my knowledge, IGOR and THE SMURFS are NOT in stereoscopic 3D. If anyone has evidence to the contrary - please contact me).

Turns out that this in-the-know source (Dolby) may have been accurate back then, but since then Michael Bay has decided not to pursue it for the second iteration.

I have an inside source that contacted me and relayed that TRANSFORMERS 2 will definitely not be available in stereoscopic 3D and that this information was provided by both Digital Domain (effects company that Bay partly owns) and Michael Bay himself. This person is in a position to know this information first hand. It is accurate.

MarketSaw's list of upcoming 3D movies - rumored, planned, in production and in theaters - has been updated.

*Sigh* Next time I hope! We were conjecturing in various post comments that someone would have noticed the distinctly different camera set up that 3D demands over a normal configuration - that definitely would have leaked out given the lacklustre security around Trans2. Transformers 3D - kinda flows off the tongue don't you think?

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