Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3D Geek Alert: Check Out Your Twitter And RSS Feeds In 3D

Interesting little web app called Tweet 3D - check out and type in your Twitter username in the top right box. If you don't have an account - go to and sign up! Looks like you cannot link directly to your cloud though - perhaps that is coming soon.

If you are on Twitter - Add me! My Twitter username for MarketSaw is jimdorey. You can also see my updates here.

Also for all you RSS news feeder types check out and check out the cool 3D interface. Makes reading your news feeds much more "logical" to me. Use your scroll wheel to negotiate through the stories in chronological order. Of course you can customize what feeds you receive.

And if you haven't already subscribed to MarketSaw - get on it! Here is our RSS link:

Now imagine what these applications will look like in TRUE 3D! You bet - it's coming, just a matter of time...

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