Thursday, September 04, 2008

James Cameron's AVATAR: Motion Capture Set Photo - Complete With... Horses?

UPDATE September 8th: Check out this post for the HI REZ photo and zooms!

Guys - Jim here. Finally something on Avatar's production in image format!
FIRST LOOK photo of the motion capture set that was used for shooting James Cameron's AVATAR is brought to us by the guys over at Post Magazine. They give us a pretty darn accurate summary of how the technology is used - stressing that the markers that are in use on the actors and horses are merely for reference as the software does not rely on them to create the real time images. Cameron can then view these images while shooting the scenes - then take his time manipulating the angles, virtual lenses, zooms, lighting, etc as much as he wants - AFTER the actors have gone. That's right, he can virtually "reshoot" scenes in post. Amazing isn't it?

The motion capture location is Giant Studios.

The horses are interesting aren't they? The horses must represent alien beasts of burden and the mo-cap software will do the rest - what do you think? 

MAN I wish this photo were larger!

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