Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Major 3D Technical Achievement: Projection Side "Ghostbusting" For RealD

Jim here. This is awesome news for anyone in the know about 3D technology and a slight limitation that existed with RealD's 3D projection technology.

Before today, the studios has to incorporate an extra post processing task that greatly reduced or eliminated the ghosting effect of some 3D movies - sometimes you can slightly discern a faint shadow around some of the objects in a 3D projection. The studios obviously did not like having to do this step as it was an added cost of having to ship two versions of the same print (Dolby systems for example do not have this particular issue).

So, the solution was for RealD to invest in R&D and develop a projection side solution (black box) that would simply add on to existing deployments and solve the issue. Well RealD was successful and has released their 3D EQ technology in cooperation with Doremi Digital Cinema!

“RealD’s 3D EQ ‘ghostbusting’ technology significantly improves the viewing of 3D cinema features,” states Joshua Greer, president and co-founder of RealD. “Traditionally, this process is incorporated into the master by our studio partners. By moving this process into the theatres, it allows us to simplify the distribution process while optimizing the viewing experience. It’s a win-win for the studios, exhibitors and audiences.”
“Doremi strives to provide exhibitors and distributors with the best feature sets available in its digital cinema servers,” comments Michael Archer, vice president of Doremi Digital Cinema. “Integrating the RealD ‘ghostbusting’ technology in our DCP line of servers illustrates another example for Doremi’s leadership in digital cinema server technology and commitment to its customers needs.”
It is all about the small victories with this technology as it becomes more and more mature. With this advancement, the audience and even the people in the know who look for little nuances like ghosting (myself included!) will have an even greater time at 3D movies.

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