Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Marcus Theatres Ramp Up For "Monsters vs. Aliens" In Midwest

Marcus Theatres today announced plans to install 13 new RealD digital 3D systems at locations throughout the Midwest. The company plans to install the 13 additional digital 3D systems in time for the March 27th opening of DreamWorks Animation’s first 3D release, Monsters vs. Aliens. Advance 3D tickets for Monsters vs. Aliens will go on sale March 13 at all participating Marcus Theatres 3D locations. With the addition of the 13 digital screens, Marcus Theatres will offer digital 3D at 27 of its locations in seven states.

Bruce J. Olson, president of Marcus Theatres, said digital 3D is a growing force in the industry. “With up to 14 digital 3D films scheduled for release in both calendar 2009 and 2010, this powerful technology has promising revenue potential. We are very encouraged by attendance trends and digital 3D’s success to date has had a positive impact on our box office.”

“The digital 3D experience is a much more dynamic form of movie entertainment. Studios are dramatically improving the quality and making the experience even more interactive with outstanding graphics and life-like images that engage the viewer. Audiences are delighted by the sensory experience of being enveloped into the motion picture,” added Olson.

“The performance of films shown in RealD 3D is a bright spot for the entertainment industry, as the box office for 3D films has performed up to six-times better than the 2D versions of the same film,” said Michael V. Lewis, chairman and CEO of RealD. “We look forward to our expanded relationship with Marcus Theatres as the company capitalizes on the added value of the RealD 3D experience.”

“Upcoming digital 3D titles include Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, A Christmas Carol and Avatar, James Cameron’s first feature film since Titanic,” said Olson. “With the new installations, approximately 90% of the communities we serve will be within a 30-minute drive from a Marcus digital 3D theatre location. Many more Marcus Theatres guests will now be able to enjoy vibrant and realistic 3D images using the latest RealD digital technology.”

Olson said the agreement with RealD provides for the installation of an additional 12 digital 3D systems in the future. The company installed its first 14 digital 3D systems in July 2008.

RealD will provide the equipment and glasses for the 13 new digital 3D systems. The new RealD installations will be introduced at the following Marcus Theatres locations:

Hollywood Cinemas, Grand Chute
South Shore Cinemas, Oak Creek
La Crosse Cinemas, La Crosse
Cedar Creek Cinemas, Wausau
Eastgate Cinemas, Madison
North Shore Cinemas, Mequon

Addison Cinemas, Addison
Elgin Theatre, Elgin

Coral Ridge, Coralville
Crossroads, Waterloo

Duluth 10 Theatre, Duluth

Twin Creek Cinema, Bellevue

Crosswoods Cinemas, Columbus

About Marcus Theatres

Marcus Theatres®, a division of The Marcus Corporation (NYSE:MCS), is the seventh largest theatre circuit in the United States and currently owns or operates 675 screens at 55 locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and Ohio, and one family entertainment center in Wisconsin. For more information, visit the Marcus Theatres website at:

About RealD

RealD is the global leader in 3D, bringing the most advanced and realistic digital 3D experience to cinemas worldwide. RealD’s next-generation technology is deployed across the world’s largest 3D platform in more than 34 countries with over 8,000 screens under contract and nearly 2,600 RealD 3D screens today. Beyond cinema, RealD is the worldwide inventor and provider of key stereoscopic technologies used in science, manufacturing, marketing, and other industries, with thirty years of scientific development behind its systems. RealD’s mission-critical 3D technologies are used by organizations such as NASA, Pfizer, BMW, Boeing and more.

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