Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update on "Avatar" Trailer

Jim here. Looks like Jim Cameron emailed Harry Knowles over at AICN to clear the air about the rumors I posted here. And for the most part I am relieved to hear from the Cameron - he had some great things to say, especially about WETA producing astonishing work. As for the content, here is my position:

1. I stand by my sources. What does that mean? It means that I believe them and their opinions. Are we ever going to know for sure about the inner workings of a studio? No. So in retrospect was there any way for me to prove that my post's rumors were true? Nope - other than to contact Cameron which I do not have his email. I posted them with full knowledge that AICN will probably email Cameron or someone close to his camp as they usually do when I get my exclusives. They have done it at least twice before with the last time being a verification that my Na'vi exclusive image was in fact real.

2. I was very VERY clear that these were rumors, NOT facts and not verified in any way. That being said I was comfortable with the AVATAR trailer piece *and* AVATAR being based on real science. Interesting that Cameron did not refute the latter claim at all so one could read between the lines there I suppose. I put a value of 8 out of 10 on these as they both came from great sources. By the way we had more than one source tell us that there was 6 or more trailers rejected already; sources that have proven trustworthy.

3. I have heard about a spat between Spielberg and Jackson from more than one source. That counts for something with me. But still I did not have someone saying that it was absolutely a fact so hence the rumor value of 5 out of 10. To me, that says that it could just as well be false as true - I figured you as fans would be interested so I posted it. With AICN saying "also not true btw" - I say, meh - who cares really? I rated it 50%. And that is where I stand. At least I added something to the discussion about those two mega talented directors. Oh, and AICN gave no back up for that statement at all. Actually I found it funny they felt it necessary to talk about it.

So in the end I am surprised that the post is getting the media traction it did, given that I weighted the rumors appropriately (if I can't fact check with the big guy, then it is the best I can do), I stand by my sources, and I was disappointed how other sites treated the material - blowing it out of proportion. One thing is certain, we rather do need to see a glimpse of AVATAR soon as obviously fan anticipation is growing and justifiably so. This is a James Cameron movie after all guys! And if there is one thing MarketSaw is all about, it is James Cameron 3D movies.

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