Thursday, April 16, 2009

3D Geek Alert: Check Out The EON ICUBE - Today's Holodeck?

Jim here. A reader sent this one in for me - thanks Jason!

We have seen similar devices (here), but have a look at the EON ICUBE which from what I understand is a large cube that you can walk around within and have 3D video projected from the rear on to its walls, floor and ceiling in perfect synchronization. The user wears passive polarized 3D glasses (like RealD's tech).

Apparently it is PC based and offers some add on peripheral devices such as force feedback devices and gesture gloves for integration. It does detect user movement as well - must be to optimize the 3D viewing experience. The handheld device you see them using in the video allows them to "fly" around the scene! How cool is that?

If you mix in force field technology like what I talked about here, we are getting pretty close to some semblance of a Holodeck :-)

Oh and the ICUBE goes for about $600,000. Ouch. Well who needs a house anyway - have one of these puppies set up in a storage unit somewhere...

Original Source: Fubiz

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