Thursday, April 16, 2009

English National Ballet Performance of "Swan Lake" at NAB in 3D

Rochelle Winters, Special Correspondent for MarketSaw reporting:

Attendees to Sky’s 3D guru Gerry O’Sullivan’s keynote Monday afternoon at the NAB Show will be able to experience what’s next in arts and entertainment in 3D. They’ll get to see the first 3D ballet--Swan Lake performed by the venerable English National Ballet.

In addition to a bit of rugby, attendees will see footage from the recent 3D broadcast of the huge, UK rock band Keane, captured before a live audience at Abby Road Studios, where the Beatles performed in the first live, worldwide, satellite broadcast.

Registration to the supersession and keynotes is still available:

Jim here - looks like a great lineup of different genres of 3D! Wish I was there this year... Thanks Rochelle.

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