Thursday, January 28, 2010

Manchester United Vs. Arsenal... In S3DHD This Sunday In UK Pubs!!

**UPDATE: Jan 30 - The game will be shot with 3ality Digital's camera platforms and image processing software!

Jim here. Wow - this should kick start things! Not only is the BBC's rugby match (England Vs. Wales) being broadcast live to theaters across the UK next weekend, but now there is football! Manchester United and Arsenal will be battling it out via a stereoscopic 3D HD live broadcast of the football match on Sky Sports new S3DHD channel!! The difference is the BBC's rugby will be in theaters and Sky's will be in pubs on S3DHD TVs.

All of the football action is happening this Sunday in the UK with a limited selection of nine pubs outfitted with LG 47" LD920 S3DHD TVs (this is a actually a sneak peak - they won't be released until April). The pubs are located in London, Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh. April will see the launch of the S3DHD channel in HUNDREDS of UK pubs.

Further, the Sky 3D S3DHD channel will offer 3D movies, other sports, documentaries and other entertainment later in the year, along with the BBC's S3DHD efforts. It is important to note that the 3D content is available to Sky+HD subscribers for NO extra cost - initially at least. To read a FAQ about the channel, click here.

The pub locations are NOT being announced to control crowds and to allow regular patrons of the pubs to enjoy the game.

Says Sky Spokesman: “Eight specially engineered 3D camera rigs will house 16 of Sky’s high-definition cameras, to provide comprehensive stereoscopic coverage from all angles. The 3D broadcast will be supported by Sky’s dedicated 3D production team and purpose built 3D outside broadcast truck, which will enable live mixing between camera positions, slow motion replays and the use of innovative 3D graphics. There will also be a dedicated commentary team to support the 3D edit.”

As you know, The World Cup will also be shot in S3DHD this summer. And of course ESPN will have a their own S3DHD channel starting in June with their broadcast of the World Cup game between South Africa and Mexico.

My question is: Where is the NFL? Why haven't we heard from these guys yet? Even NBA or MLB action would look awesome in S3D. Hard to name a sport that wouldn't, actually. Now is the time guys to start ramping up for the 2011 SUPER BOWL in S3DHD! It is time for an official announcement :-)

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