Wednesday, February 17, 2010

3D Geek Alert: Pre-order AVATAR Character Busts!

Jim here. Got some new AVATAR items up for your consideration! You can pre-order these items now for delivery in May (Tsu Tey will be released in July).

These mini busts were created from the film's actual 3D models so they are perfectly accurate and are limited editions.

I have used Entertainment Earth many times before and their service is very good. The manufacturer is Gentle Giant.

The busts are cast in high quality poly-stone and no detail was overlooked. Hand painted with florescent paint to give off an eerie luminescence.

These strictly limited edition collectibles come numbered, complete with matching certificates of authenticity.

Here's Neytiri, Jake and Tsu Tey! (click to enlarge / order)
Avatar Neytiri Mini Bust Avatar Jake Sully Mini Bust Avatar Tsu Tey Mini Bust

The cost? $69.99 - not bad for quite a nice collectible! The Viper Wolves will be coming out at $79.99 in January 2011. I don't like the cheap plastic knock offs that seem to come out all the time - I like substantial pieces. These are definitely going on my collector's shelf :-)

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