Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MarketSaw Exclusive Confirmed: Brevig's 17 DAYS OF WINTER To Begin Shooting Mid 2011 In New Zealand

Jim here. We now have the title of Eric Brevig's upcoming Korean War epic: 17 DAYS OF WINTER. The story focuses on the 1950 Battle of Chosin Reservoir and Variety has confirmed MarketSaw's exclusive info that it will be shot on the South Island of New Zealand and will begin shooting mid 2011. South Korea will also see production and potentially S3D post production. Charlotte Huggins is producing.

From Variety: Story will follow the 1st Marine Division over the brutal 17-day battle of Chosin Reservoir, where United Nations forces including 12,000 U.S. Marines and soldiers were encircled by a vastly superior Chinese force. In a brutal battle fought amid rugged mountains and sub-zero temperatures, U.N. forces escaped to safety, though American forces suffered more than 6,000 casualties.

It looks like the final budget for the epic
could reach $100m.

(Brevig) isn't aiming for an effects-driven spectacle but that 3D is critical to the pic. "Telling a personal story against an epic background involves bringing the audience into the story with the characters," he said. "The ability to create amazing immersive images that have never been seen before is what makes 3D an exciting and appropriate tool for the story."

I love how this project is taking shape and the potential for this story is practically limitless. Here is a great example of a director coming out of seemingly nowhere (Brevig actually has outstanding visual effects credentials), grabbing the S3D head by the horns and creating an amazing career for himself.

I have sources close to the project and will update as news comes in! Stay tuned.

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