Tuesday, August 17, 2010

3D Geek Alert: Fujifilm Snaps Up Even More Attention With Their 2nd Generation 3D Consumer Camera!!

Wow! I knew this was coming today and Fujifilm did not disappoint. The Finepix Real 3D W3 digital camera system officially launches in September and brings with it the ability to shoot hi-res 3D photos (1920x1080 or higher) as well as 720p HD video with stereo audio.

Your newly captured 3D media can then be viewed on most new 3D TVs (through the camera's mini HDMI v1.4 port) or printed (via Fujifilm's - for example: 5x7" high precision prints with lenticular 3D technology for $6.99).

The W3 uses twin 10-megapixel CCD sensors and dual FUJINON (some of the world's best optics!) 3x optical zoom lenses (35-105mm) that are 75 mm apart. The synchronized control of the CCD sensors release the left and right shutters simultaneously.

You are not constrained to only use the camera in three dimensions
as there are exciting W3 features that can be used for unique 2D shots as well. One example is the W3's Tele/Wide Simultaneous Shooting feature that allows photographers to zoom in on a subject while concurrently taking a wide-angle shot of the same scene!

The dimensions for the camera are just under an inch (21.0 mm) at its thinnest point and weighs 8.5 ounces with memory card and battery installed.

The camera has an autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3.5" widescreen LCD 3D screen (1150K resolution) which uses the newly developed RP (Real Photo) processor 3D HD, which merges the left and right images into a single image/video. All of this is built into a nicely balanced stainless steel body.

Some further camera details:
- Switch 2D/3D Button to switch between capturing a subject in 2D or 3D instantly.
- One Touch Movie Mode using dedicated button to instantly changing from still to movie mode.
- Auto and Manual Parallax Control to automatically adjust parallax in 3D Auto mode for an optimal sense of depth.
- MyFinePix Studio 3D Movie and Photo Editor software allows manually editing captured 3D images effortlessly.
- Manual Shooting Functions with aperture and shutter priority.
- 13 scene positions to automatically optimize camera settings for some of the most common shooting environments.
- Super Intelligent Flash adjusts flash output and timing to capture subjects and background.

All this for a quite affordable $499.95 in early September. I am totally thrilled by this announcement! Consumers need more affordable choices for 3D at home and the W3 delivers. I hope to get one of these soon and I will post a review ASAP.

More info when I obtain it!!

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