Sunday, September 12, 2010

Exclusive: Justin Bieber's Concert And THE THREE MUSKETEERS To Be Shot In Native 3D! RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE Flips On $28M Afterburners!!

Massive exclusive update for you guys!

Talk about a wicked weekend for the long-in-the-tooth franchise RESIDENT EVIL!
3D has resurrected the business side of things (~$28 million for the weekend) as clearly RE:A's story is not the driving factor here. No, it was the spectacular live action 3D that was shot with some of the best 3D cameras and expertise in the world that have audiences stunned at what they are seeing. The Fusion 3D cameras are actually into a new generation now after what they accomplished with James Cameron's AVATAR.

And who was responsible for the stereoscopic 3D goodness? Vince Pace and his team. I reached out to Vince for a quick update (the second update since July where he exclusively told us that TRANSFORMERS 3 will be shot throughout in native 3D) as to what he has been up to lately and he continues at a breakneck speed churning out quality 3D project after 3D project.

Here is what Vince had to say this time around (Sep 10):
"Shoot Justin Bieber concert, (shipping) out two feature packages. Shoot the first college game for ESPN. Shoot US Open for CBS. Waiting in airport for plane from New York to Columbus to shoot Ohio game. Back tomorrow night for Sunday mens finals. All done in the last ten days."

...and a brief followup TODAY:
"Good news on Resident Evil. Working with Constantine for 3M. Nice to see repeat customers. Just had US Open cancel today’s match due to rain. Set for tomorrow…."

Wow. An amazing amount of work on his plate. James Cameron told me that their cameras are hardly ever on their shelves - always out on business.

So the exclusives out of this update: Justin Bieber's concert will be shot in NATIVE 3D with Fusion cameras! As will Paul W.S. Anderson's THE THREE MUSKETEERS!

Obviously the kids love Bieber's music and while the melodies are catchy I had reservations about this movie if it was going to be a conversion simply because I didn't know what company would be attached to do it. There are many companies out there that are capable of converting movies, but only a handful produce quality projects. Now I can relax. The 3D will be spectacular!

Same for THE THREE MUSKETEERS! I am ecstatic that it is going native 3D with the Fusion cameras. One could assume that Anderson (who also directed RE:A) was going to use them again, but it is great to have official confirmation.

Native 3D is glowing in the limelight this weekend
as RE:A mutates its competitors. Companies like PACE and 3ality Digital are going to continue their 3D dominance until 3D conversion can consistently pull their weight across the board. Movies like CLASH OF THE TITANS and PIRANHA 3D are holding the "conversion brands" back today. Hopefully HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS will help fix that image!

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