Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Concept Art For The Lizard From THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN??

Hmmm. Looks like the real deal! Ever since I successfully called (through great sources) the villain for Sony's reboot of Peter Parker's franchise (Raimi was still somewhat attached at that time), I have been dreaming about how they would creatively tackle the iconic villain The Lizard.

Director Marc Webb has the honor. The awesome cast for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN consists of Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, C. Thomas Howell, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and, of course, Stan Lee.

Out of all the evil-doers Spider-man has encountered over his illustrious career, I have to say The Lizard is the number two character that invokes in my mind, behind only the Green Goblin. Sorry all you Doc Ock fans, he's relegated to third for me. The Lizard (Dr. Curt Connors) had a very appealing bit of character development that I found interesting as a boy growing up.

Rhys Ifans is playing The Lizard / Dr. Connors in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Dylan Baker played Connors in Raimi's franchise but did not get to the point where he changed into the beast. I'm curious as to whether Connors will be a physicist (as in Raimi's universe) or a biologist as he was depicted in the comics and TV series. I'm a traditionalist mostly - I want the biologist!

What I also thought was cool from the comics was that Connors/The Lizard was in the X-MEN universe too! Could it be that we will see a cameo appearance from the mutants? Probably not as Marvel does not control that license, but one can always hope. I am fairly certain that The Lizard will meet (contribute to) his demise because of his reptilian weakness to cold as he is cold blooded. Just a hunch :-)

Another selfish desire I have for the movie is that they capture the magic of the original score from the TV series (Ray Ellis) in the movie somehow. To this day that score haunts me and I often have it churning away in my mind even though I haven't heard it in years. I am not talking the opening and closing themes (which shouldn't be copied), but the score within the TV show itself. I loved Danny Elfman's work in Raimi's SPIDER-MAN for the record. Anyway, enjoy the artwork and hopefully this is authentic, because I like it. Our spidey-sense starts tingling July 3.

Sources: SpiderMedia | ComingSoon

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