Monday, January 30, 2012

Optional Branded 3D Glasses Set For THE AVENGERS Launch!

Very cool! The IRON MAN glasses actually remind me of the Gas-can type of 3D glasses that Oakley sent me for TINTIN - although obviously the optics and quality in the Oakley are far superior.

Check out the branded options for Thor, Hulk and Captain America as well! These glasses should make their way to theaters worldwide, seeing as though the source of this image is from a great Italian film site, Note that the cinema tech branded on the side is RealD which is the leader in US installations, but not worldwide. Wondering if MasterImage3D and/or others will be involved too?

Note that these glasses will incur an additional cost - but to me it would be worth it as you can reuse them over and over, just like the Ingra:Dahl glasses that are on the left side of this site.

Which style do you prefer? I think I would go for the Iron Man version first followed by Thor. Kinda cool that Hulk's glasses has what seems to be a furrowed eyebrows on the top!

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