Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Whallopin' Websnappers! The New Spider-man Trailer Is... AMAZING!!

Oh yeah guys - check out this trailer! I simply love everything about it. I can't deny that THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN just improved in my list of anticipated movies based on this thing. Am I looking forward to this as much as THE AVENGERS? Wow, it's close now - at least it's a race!

I lightened the photo somewhat to reveal more of the character's reflection in the eye of The Lizard. It looks like Spider-man in costume to me.

The character development is astounding and seems perfectly cast. I think money has been spent on the right things.

Oh, and that slight sideways and tilting head movement by Spider-man? BANG ON. Perfect. Whoever is handling small details like that is seriously making my day here.

Take a look!

So, yeah, I am amped as I am sure you can tell. What excites you about the trailer? Rhys looks amazing too!!

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