Tuesday, March 06, 2012

3D Geek Alert: Authentic Marvel Movie Memorabilia Up For Auction!!

Oh man I want to bid on some of these things! The set used THOR hammer Mjölnir - are you kidding me? What is that worth? Well as of now it's $3k+ and likely to climb nicely. You can check out the items for sale and bid too right here at Profiles In History.

Everything from a Pair of director’s chair backs "Captain America" and "Steve Rogers" (currently $225) to the original full-scale screen-used Mark II "Autopsy" suit from Iron Man 2 (currently $60k). Heck they even have Hugo Weaving's screen-worn Red Skull prosthetic makeup appliance!

More on the suit:
Original full-scale screen-used Mark II “Autopsy” suit from Iron Man 2. Mark II “Autopsy” suit, appropriated from the military by Don Cheadle “Rhodey,” who proceeded to disassemble it (performing an “autopsy”) for examination of the technology in order to construct War Machine. Constructed by the visionary artists of Legacy Studios, this 75 in. tall figure is handcrafted of vacuum metalized fiberglass resin. It features intricate wire loom, metal hoses and cables, and discrete electronics detailing as well as faux actuators, pistons, and other suspension devices in the exposed joints and limbs. The figure was designed to lie down for the autopsy scene and has a number of armor plates removed to expose the suit’s inner circuitry. The removed sections include two leg greaves, right hip plate, right bicep plate, right shoulder plate, head plate, and most notably a removable main breastplate that reveals the inner cavity and bracing elements. An impressive and iconic figure from this groundbreaking film. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Ahhh... to have some disposable cash right now! But hey if you have to ask how much it costs...

Let me know if any of you bid or win an item! Would love to know about the experience. Good luck!

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