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Concept Art: "Disney's A Christmas Carol" & Spoilers

Jim here. Collider got their hands on some scans of DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL concept art and it is right along the lines of what I have already posted here and here from the actual movie poster and stills.

I will reiterate that Disney is keeping the imagery to be very Dickens indeed and old London looks stunning and inviting (at least the shots I have seen). Insert Robert Zemeckis' wonderful performance capture prowess and you have what should be an instant Christmas classic to be watched on future Christmas Eves on your 3D Home Entertainment system... of course!

How far can Zemeckis take us down this journey? All the world is a canvas with motion capture so it is really only limited by his imagination - and one would imagine that Jim Carrey is ready and willing to fulfill any wish that he might have in this pic.

I am reprinting some of the spoiler info that was originally posted here back in March 2008 as I thought there is some very interesting items in it in light of the poster and stills we have seen:

**SPOILERS BELOW** Highlight the white text below to read the contents:

- A Christmas Carol is full of Jim Carrey humor: Lots of yelling, screaming and facial expressions.
- He plays 4 characters at least - Scrooge and the ghosts. This is not new info of course, but confirmed.
- Michael J. Fox is DEFINITELY in the movie (IMDB shows it as a rumor). He has plenty of lines that are pure Fox humor - always down on himself, and very SARCASTIC. My source did not pass on what role he is playing however, although IMDB has him as Tiny Tim.
- There is a "Beggar" character that is constantly piping up with witty one liners throughout the movie. He will be seen carrying a cup.

- There is a scene where ALL THREE of Carrey's ghost interact. They don't speak English either exactly - they speak with thick accents and the words don't sound right. There are actually spaces -or gaps of silence - between their words. Weird! Sounds awesome, but very odd. Right up Carrey's alley to be sure!
- Jim Carrey does A LOT of improvisation here. This is to be expected, but now it has been confirmed by a source. Apparently this improvisation has been a part of the movie since it was written! This openness to creativity has all been approved and made to happen by Zemeckis. Good on you Bob! They have a lot of confidence in Carrey and justifiably so. The guy cracks me up - always has.

- YEP! THE BIG GUY IS IN IT. Remember little Sammi Hanratty letting this slip? Well it has been confirmed by my source.
- Santa wears - get this - a red and PURPLE Santa suit!
- My source heard John Goodman could be the actor in this role but he was NOT sure, so do not count on this. Only count on seeing Santa Claus in it.
- You can expect the REINDEERS to talk! Yep. Apparently Rudolph doesn't like Blitzen and they all have very unique voices.
- Santa and the reindeer don't have a very big impact on the film as far as storyline goes, but you can expect this part to be HILARIOUS. It's more like a cameo appearance :-)
- Apparently Santa is thinner in this movie than others.
- Sammi Hanratty is the character that interacts with Santa and the reindeer. I suspect it is her catching him performing his "Christmasly duties".

**SPOILERS ABOVE** Highlight the white text above to read the contents:

So, yeah - I am pretty hyped about this movie; that's why it is number 3 on my list of the Top Ten Most Anticipated 3D Movies of 2009. Stay tuned for more when I get it! :-)

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