Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Battle Angel" Has A Script Ready?

Jim here. According to SciFiScoop, BATTLE ANGEL's IMDB page has been updated with a status change from "Development Unknown" to "Script". Even if this is official (which with IMDb it certainly may NOT be), does it mean that we are closer to seeing this get made?

We know that Cameron has been working on BATTLE ANGEL here and there. So this little development seems to fall in line with current expectations that the heat is being turned up on this project and may be front-burnered. Certainly Cameron's 3D tech has been tweaked and optimized during thr shooting of AVATAR so the project should hit the ground running - whenever that is.

So what will happen with THE DIVE? One would assume that Cameron can and will swap projects from time to time as it was a toss up whether AVATAR would be made first over BATTLE ANGEL. Personally I would like to see BATTLE ANGEL done next, but I know that THE DIVE will be an extremely important movie in that Cameron can present a drama in 3D done CORRECTLY.

What project do you think Cameron should shoot next?

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