Thursday, June 17, 2010

RealD Announces Kid Friendly 3D Glasses For TOY STORY 3

Good move! RealD has announced that kid sized 3d glasses will be available in USA and Canada for the release of TOY STORY 3 on June 18.

"The little ones will be able to comfortably enjoy the great summer movies coming out in RealD 3D wearing glasses designed just for them,"
said Joseph Peixoto, President of Worldwide Cinema at RealD. "Kid-sized RealD 3D glasses are made to the same high-quality standards as adult size RealD glasses with each individually packaged in sealed bags ensuring they are clean and fresh for every moviegoer."

And remember, these are not surgical instruments
- they will have common, everyday germs on them just like everything else in most cases. The sealed bags help even more with cleanliness. Don't believe the
negative hype about anything else.

This is a thoughtful move by RealD and will be appreciated by parents everywhere.

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