Monday, August 15, 2011

FINAL DESTINATION 5 Sees A Stellar 75% Of Revenue From 3D *AND* Stereo Box Office More Than Doubles Last Year

Love seeing the naysayers cringe when they read reports like this, but clearly the people are speaking. 3D has been embraced the world around and it's getting better every year!

Even though FINAL DESTINATION may be showing signs of franchise fatigue (I really enjoyed the movie a great deal - wonderful 3D! Go see it!!), 3D clearly helped the movie as it still drew in $18.4 million and it held a staggering 75% of the gross from 3D screenings! (Source: BoxOfficeMojo) That brings us back to AVATAR-like percentages. Love it!

Moreover, a recent ScreenDigest study cited that Global 3D box office continued to grow and in fact doubled last year with a $6.1 billion take as compared to a $2.5 billion influx in 2009. That $6b reflects a 19.3% share of all box office revenue (only 8.6% share in 2009).

From Film Journal:
In terms of regional distribution, cinema analyst Charlotte Jones noted the largest share in Europe (24%) in comparison to North America (20.5%). 3D accounted for more than one-quarter of total box-office revenues in six territories, including Poland, Russia (33.1% share) and the Czech Republic. Following Japan’s largest individual gross ($471 million), the United Kingdom was the strongest 3D theatrical market in Western Europe ($427 mil. and 27.5% share). Of the countries profiled by IHS Screen Digest, Norway reported the lowest 3D box-office ratio (15.8%), followed by Turkey (15.9%). Norway also recorded the highest average 3D ticket price, but “this was relative to its blended ticket price.”

In July 2011, after a yearlong rollout, Norway became the first country in the world to have been fully digitized. “It has been a challenge due to [its] elongated shape with sparsely populated areas, but the process took one year less than anticipated,” and “VPF [virtual print fee] income is a bit higher than predicted,” with payments ending in 2017. Cinema association Film & Kino further noted that all 420 screens are equipped with mainly Christie projectors and Doremi servers, but 65 Sony 4Ks have also been installed and about 80% of the cinema locations are 3D-capable. Whereas the western region exclusively installed some 50 Dolby 3D units, the rest of the country deployed another 35 from Dolby along with XpanD (35), RealD (66) and MasterImage (31).

The 3D revolution is only just beginning with huge conversions on the way (THE AVENGERS, STAR WARS franchise and TITANIC) and of course THE HOBBIT movies and AVATAR 2 and 3 in production and development! Can't wait to see what 2012 brings us...

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