Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hey North America: STALINGRAD Is In IMAX 3D Starting Tomorrow!

Here's your only opportunity to see the highest grossing Russian movie of all time on big screen and what better way then IMAX 3D!

I'm definitely going to check this thing out as I have only had a few scenes graciously made available to me while I was entertained at 3ality Technica's headquarters last year (they provided their 3D rigs, expertise and Steve Schlair is 3D Producer on the project). The trailer and visual fx look amazing! What I saw was just enough for me to be thrilled to hear that we're getting it in IMAX. I'm very interested in WWII's European Theater as well.

Whether you're a veteran, WWII historian or just someone who enjoys solid action, especially based in fact, then you'll love STALINGRAD.

Here's the storyline for the movie:
Written by Ilya Tilkin and Sergey Snezhkin and directed by Fedor Bondarchuk, STALINGRAD is set in 1942, when invading German troops were in control of the Volga River. A group of Soviet soldiers finds a young woman trapped behind enemy lines and works to protect her. Thomas Kretschmann and Yanina Studilina star.

So check the movie out! It's your one opportunity in North America. See you there!

STALINGRAD opens tomorrow in IMAX 3D.

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