Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sorry for lack of posts: Been sick last few days...

Needless to say lots of excitement in the 3D world with the Hannah Montana show rolling into town with yet another round of sold out venues - this time movie theaters and of course the rousing critical acclaim of U23D.

Topping all this off is the growing story about the director(s) of the Hobbit(s) and whether or not Peter Jackson and New Line finally announce their intention to produce these movies in 3D.

Yes, lots to write about, yet I have been extremely sick with the flu since Monday night! Sorry for the delay in posts but I will endeavor to get back in the drivers seat here ASAP.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Word From Sources In Jackson Camp: Nothing Official Yet

I have received word from my sources embedded in Peter Jackson's camp and they are adamant that nothing has been finalized yet, despite rumors to the contrary (the original site is in French).

While it is true that there is a short list of potential directors and Del Toro has been going through the motions (whether a public relations smokescreen or not), absolutely nothing has been decided whatsoever. Jackson did contact Del Toro and talked about "possibilities" - plural. There is no word at all about him directing both movies and their discussion was solely about "The Hobbit" part one and their myriad of options.

This of course sets up the potential for Del Toro to direct the first movie and Jackson to direct the second as I posted today. And the original information that PJ would direct both may also still be 100%.

Is an announcement coming? Lets hope so - schedules mandate that it happens VERY soon. Our stance has softened on PJ doing both movies and has moved more toward the 50/50 directorial split due to the knowledge that PJ and GDT did in fact talk and it was about the first movie.

So, while insider information is subject to normal decision making - we endeavor to bring you the best information possible at any given time.

MarketSaw's stance as of right now? Del Toro directs Part One; Jackson directs Part Two. "We shall see what we shall see". Thats the best info we have at the moment. Straight to you.

No internal word on the 3D decision for "The Hobbit"(s) yet, but it could come out in the director announcement due VERY soon.

Hypothesis: What If Del Toro Helmed "The Hobbit" Part 1 and Jackson Directed Part 2?

After musing with my sources a bit on the subject, we believe it could be possible for the following to happen:

1. Guillermo Del Toro Directs "The Hobbit" (The book he has read and could feasibly co-write the screenplay)
2. Peter Jackson Directs "The Hobbit, Part 2" (For lack of a title - this is the bridge movie from The Hobbit to LOTRs)
3. One HECKUVA scheduling coordinator.

For these films to be shot concurrently and, as reported here first - in 3D, a lot of resources would have to be scheduled and utilized effectively - but the upshot is that the movies could be done quicker.

Now we are not backing down from our earlier stance that PJ directs them both and in 3D. Not by a long shot. But the possibility exists that PJ could change his mind at any time - he doesn't worry too much about what MarketSaw has to say! From what we have heard from people deep within his camp is that PJ directs. Is that changing? I have emails into my sources right now. I doubt it.

However, if Del Toro did the first movie and Peter the second, interesting synergies take place. Productivity increases ( if scenes are using different actors and sets of course!). More time would be made available to CGI and 3D cinematography with that bonus time. PJ could watch GDT and GDT could learn from PJ when scheduling conflicts arise. Remember that 3D is relatively new to PJ and foreign to GDT.

When push comes to shove though, we still feel that PJ will direct both. And in 3D. There is simply too much to overcome any other way.

Believe me, I will have an update for you soon.

Am I Seeing Double? Hannah Montana 3D Movie Seats Now Selling Out...

Remember when Hannah Montana's concert tour had sold out venues and tickets were going for outrageous sums of money? Am I seeing double here?

Be prepared for the same thing happening if Disney doesn't increase the number of days available for screening the movie "Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour" from one week to two (at least). On the heels of another excellent 3D show, U23D - demand is skyrocketing and there are reports of some theaters already having sold out their weekend performances.

This seems to be unprecedented - Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus is quite the phenomenon! For example, AMC Hampton Towne Centre 24 in Hampton and at AMC Lynnhaven 18 in Virginia Beach, have both already sold out some of their weekend slots.

So buy your tickets pronto or you could be wishing you did soon. Hundreds of shows are already sold out. You can purchase them here. Only 3 and a half days away!

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference Opens Today!

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference opens today in San Jose and stays out until the 30th, if you are in the neighborhood - go on over to the San Jose Convention Center and check it out! Here is there conference link. Andrew Woods has kept me up to date with everything to do with this 3D event and it looks outstanding this year...

Del Toro In Talks To Direct "The Hobbit"?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Guillermo del Toro is in talks with Peter Jackson to direct "The Hobbit" Could it be that my source is wrong on this one? Hmmm. I will have to see it to believe it. Even if he is hired the pressure on him would be immense to meet the expectations of Peter Jackson et al. Didn't Jackson screen Ryan Gosling and hire him too? Yeah, we will see what happens.

But more to the point, I am surprised that they are talking to him - could be a ploy for more publicity - more bang for the buck when Jackson finally announces that he is still the one to direct. But still, it is interesting enough to definitely post about it. Again I ask, could my sources be wrong? They said all along that PJ will be heading up the productions and in a way he is. I doubt very much that wires got crossed somewhere along the line however. We still say that Jackson will direct these movies. Stay tuned for this one! I will update when I hear more: Needless to say I am contacting my sources on my other Firefox tab as I type... :-)

Besides, Del Toro is SUPER busy. If you thought Jackson has a lot of his plate, look at Del Toro's (on top of his current commitments, he even recently announced his interest in his version of Frankenstein AND the final Harry Potter movie(s) - which seems to be destined to be broken into two movies as well!). A lot of distractions for that guy and with a huge $150-175 million budget for the two movies (to be shot concurrently) and a huge time sink. I can't imagine any director other than PJ doing it justice. Well they certainly will be getting publicity with this stunt. And I think that is all it is, a stunt. In fact, now that the Academy is recognizing stuntmen and women for the Oscars, PJ and GDT could be up for a little golden man. Effective though.

Let's face it - Del Toro couldn't even finish reading the LOTRs. Too dense. Too deep. He has admitted this himself and has been quoted! Now you want him to direct these very important two movies and have respect for where they are supposed to wind up? Think about it. Worst. Move. Ever.

Of course, "The Hobbit" will still be in 3D. I have heard nothing to the contrary on that level.

Additional "How To Train Your Dragon" Images!

Update: Images removed at the request of Dreamworks Animation. I am complying.

...and as I promised in my last post - here are even more images from one of MarketSaw's trusted sources for "How To Train Your Dragon" 3D: (Click to expand images)
Very, very interesting... What do you guys make of these pics? Awesome stuff huh?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sneak Peak At "How To Train Your Dragon": Insider Creative Images

Update: Images removed at the request of Dreamworks Animation. I am complying.

Some exciting photos breaking right now
! A well known source to MarketSaw sent me these "How To Train Your Dragon" (HTTYD) photos / drawings and said that they are from someone who was actually creating them. HTTYD is a 3D animation from Dreamworks that is pegged for release November 20th, 2009. Awesome insight into the thinking that is going into this huge production and the images show a massive amount of imagination. SPOILERS HERE - You may not want to view these photos. Your call!!! (Click images to expand)

I have more of these images too - enjoy!!! 3D animation at its best...

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Updated Set Photo From James Cameron's 3D "Avatar" Set!

Here is a rather interesting "Avatar" set photo taken by "Cupid Stunt" over on his blog. Apparently he lives quite close to the set in Wellington, New Zealand and took this photo from his home! Awesome. He says that he was closer without his camera earlier, but will try to again get some closer shots when possible. Here's hoping!

Click for a larger image!

Looks like some sort of HUGE lighting device is being hung over the whole outdoor green screen set (remember, they are 4 stories high and built with shipping containers! View earlier shots here and here) No problem if they need to simulate daylight... or perhaps the light of an alien world?

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Line NOT Merging With Warner; Shaye and Lynne NOT Retiring

Contrary to reports stating that New Line Cinema will dissolve into Warner and that Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne will retire - that simply is not true. I have a close source who has cast a huge dispel over that rumor. Time Warner has New Line as a business unit, but the two operate as separate entities with Shaye and Lynne at the helm. New Line claims to be the most successful independent film company in the world.

So the status quo stays put. Regardless, "The Hobbit" stays on track. No further news on when Peter Jackson will be announcing that he is directing the pair of movies and that they will be in 3D (along with a 3D re-master of the LOTR trilogy) - but we are all looking forward to that day!

More news when I get it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Toy Story Gets a 3D Woody!

While I haven't seen anything official from Disney or Pixar (now owned by Disney), The Hollywood Reporter claims that Walt Disney Studios plans to debut new digital 3-D versions of "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2"! They are typically very trustworthy.

Here is the lineup:
1. "Toy Story": 2D - 3D Digital Source Conversion: Due Oct. 2, 2009
2. "Toy Story 2": 2D - 3D Digital Source Conversion: Due Feb. 12, 2010
3. "Toy Story 3": 3D Digital Animation: Due June 18, 2010

What is truly exciting about this project is the advantage that they enjoy in the 2D to 3D conversion: They already have the digital source code! They can therefore grab the original objects and add the 3D elements in a very efficient manner. Of course the third iteration of Toy Story that is due in theaters June 18th, 2010 will be 3D from the ground up.

Yet another movie franchise goes 3D - Toy Story. George Lucas is also re-mastering his entire Star Wars franchise to 3D. And, as you have exclusively learned here on MarketSaw, Peter Jackson will bring "The Hobbit" movies to 3D -AND- "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy.

Oh yes - 3D is the future of Hollywood. After seeing U23D last night - I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of more and more franchises being converted and founded on the total immersion of 3D. Guess thats why I love blogging!

U23D Review: You Experience It - You Do Not Watch It

You know when you wake up from a great dream and you want to go right back asleep to where you left off? That is what it feels like at the closing credits of U23D.

The movie is seriously like a dream state. One moment you are part of the audience (and I mean really part of the audience - the guys heads in front of you in the theater BLEND into the heads of the concert viewers; in fact on more than one occasion I briefly thought why is this person standing and waving in the theater?!) and then you are moved to the stage looking back at 100,000 screaming fans as if you were a rock star (and you actually feel like you are on stage - no joke. You feel like a rock star). Sounds corny huh? Not when you are experiencing it, believe me.

Most of the time however you are hovering around the concert like some sort of omnipotent being, witnessing a sea of humanity being entertained by one of the greatest bands of all time. I am a U2 fan, so I am biased; but I place only The Beatles ahead of U2. That says something as I am also a die hard Led Zeppelin fan. In my eyes they have surpassed Led Zep through longevity and sheer music catalog.

The best part about the movie is that it was real. No CGI (other than nicely done touch ups for effects) and the mass of Argentinians were so very NOT Beowulf. If you were confused as to what a 3D movie is after seeing Beowulf, do yourself a huge favor and see U23D. It was nice to see the pure randomness of a crowd of 100,000 that still somehow managed to move in synch to the music. CGI is not that good yet. Soon but not yet. The movie keeps getting better as it unfolds - closeups simply rock.

The movie makes me think what do we have in store for us from someone like James Cameron and his Sci-Fi "Avatar". If you take the pure experience of it and add in the flexibility that Cameron will have with his Weta team, the possibilities are endless. This is the guy that gave us Aliens and The Terminator. He has the vision. My God, "Avatar" will own the box office for a long time. Mark my words right now. "Titanic" may sink to second place for the all time record.

That being said, U23D stands up as its own masterpiece. It simply rocks in what it is - a concert. The bar has been set extremely high for other bands to follow. But follow they will because in this day and age of free Internet music, the entertainers have got to make their money somehow - theater concerts will become a big piece of it I believe. I have said it before - people will pay a premium to see a live 3D theater concert that has been sold out or that is not available in smaller cities. Then they will pay a normal amount to see the concert after the fact. This coupled with the actual revenue from the concerts themselves will bring in great rewards for the musicians.

This is the beginning of an era folks. Consider yourself lucky to have witnessed it. Get yourself to the theater and check out U23D - tell 'em Jim at MarketSaw sent you. That and the cost of admission will get you in...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Judyth Piazza chats with Jim Dorey, Creator of

Hey guys - check out my recent interview with The Student Operated Press here: Judyth Piazza chats with Jim Dorey, Creator of - we talk about all things 3D and it was really fun and interesting thing to do. I was on her Internet radio show "The American Perspective".

She is also Content Editor over at Newsblaze, a WWCI TV 10 news anchor, and a Freelancer at "The Sebastian Sun " Newspaper.

Judy is a great individual and I highly recommend her show and website to everyone. Check it out.

I'm A Fly On A Wall Tonight! Checking Out U23D Finally...

I am checking out U23D tonight thanks to my friends at Empire Theatres IMAX. I will have a review up TOMORROW - stay tuned!

If you do not have an IMAX near you, the wide release will be in February and will include Real D theaters. I will post this list of theaters when I have it.

For now, you can refer to my list of 3D theaters here.

Brendan Fraser Has Seen Star Wars in 3D!

In a recent interview with SCI-FI Wire, Brendan Fraser said that he has seen a segment of Star Wars being remastered in 3D:

"I've actually seen 15 minutes of Darth Vader entering and capturing [Princess] Leia," Fraser said. "The best part was that some of the extras are running around, and they wore helmets and stuff, and because it's in 3-D you see so much detail that you can see one of the extras was wearing, like, a construction worker's helmet that someone took a blowtorch to so that it melted to look different. It was yellow on the inside and spray-painted on the outside. So it'll have real charm going backwards to see that stuff."
I am very curious about the process they are using for this 2D to 3D conversion. I am sure George Lucas is ensuring that it is done right and I am positive it will be. Can't wait to see the final results!

He also mentioned a little bit about the 3D technology used to create "Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D":
"Yeah, we saw [the 3-D effects] as we were shooting it, because it was all in real time," Fraser said during interviews for his upcoming film The Air I Breathe. He added: "The technology is now ... in [a] place where you can watch this and be satisfied by the images that you see and not feel like you're just being taken on a gratuitous roller-coaster ride."
This is definitely the Cameron/Pace technology that I know and love. Its got James Cameron written all over it - the ability to see real-time takes and bring up backgrounds and raw CGI to see where the actors should be performing all drastically speeds up the process and reduces cost. There is no question the 3D technology was in place and used for Journey 3D. Now, is it a good movie? I reserve judgement...

Looks Like I Will Keep Snapshots For A Little While Longer...

Thanks to all those who responded to my recent poll to ensure the reader experience is a great one on MarketSaw. I asked about whether I should keep "Snapshots" which is an add-on that allows you to view an associated snapshot of a website before actually clicking on its link. Saves time in my estimation - but some don't like the "landmine" effect of having them pop-up as they scroll down the site. I understand that reasoning 100%.

I will keep Snapshots up for the time being based on the poll results. 53% said keep it, 47% said to not. The snapshots will not appear unless you hover your cursor over the small icon after the link. One downside is all the images with links embedded will also spawn a snapshot. We'll see how well it is received over time. Here are the poll results:

As always, feel free to leave comments about this feature and any other improvements I can make. Thanks!

Want To Help Create James Cameron's Avatar? You Got What It Takes?

One of my most avid readers sent me this interesting post on the job board over at 2-Pop Forums which is used by digital filmmakers:

Personally, I would love to have the toolset to jump aboard this thing. "...realizing the strong creative vision of our director..." certainly sums it up. I can't imagine the surprises James Cameron has in store for us with Avatar and I would imagine if you can successfully stick to this position you would have extended work with "Battle Angel"! Can you work with MotionBuilder? Perhaps I can get a whiff of what is coming from whomever takes these positions? :-) Give me an email...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Johnny Depp To Play A 3D Alice in Wonderland??

I have got to tip my hat to Johnny Depp - he is not afraid of ANY role. The Telegraph recently quoted him as saying:

If Depp has his way, he will soon be spending even more time with her (Helena Bonham Carter) husband. The 44-year-old actor says he would make a superb lead in Burton's forthcoming new version of Alice in Wonderland. "I'd like to have a go at it, if Tim lets me," he told me. "I could be the first male Alice. It would certainly give it a surreal edge."
You know what? That's not a bad idea dammit! Depp has played an eyeless gunslinger, a guy with scissors for hands, Willy Wonka, and a deranged singing barber and now why not a 3D Alice? He could more than likely pull it off and hey if Depp says he wants something, Tim Burton has GOT to follow him down that rabbit hole. So it could happen. Very interesting...

Alice In Wonderland is due to start shooting this May for Disney 3D and pegged for release in 2010.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Prepared to be Rocked: U23D Reviews Have Elevation

The only negative thing I have heard about u23D to date is, well - not really negative about the movie but more about the individual: Jay Z left a recent screening of U23D early - too early to see the outstanding effects later on in the concert. So doesn't really count in my book. Besides, Beyoncé may have texted him to get his ass to Saks to help her shop. Who knows.

Reports are coming in from the Sundance premiere that the movie is simply a spectacle, a must see even if you are not a U2 fan, and the 3D rocks. Apparently as the movie advances, the 3D effects keep getting better with more and more innovation.

I will be finally checking U23D out shortly courtesy of my local Empire IMAX theater chain. Can't wait!

Bono and U2 Show Up At U23D Premiere

Well I guess the auction was right on the money - Bono and U2 did show up at the premiere screening of U23D at Sundance. Bill over at Summit Pacific said the Al Gore showed up too but the response to him paled in comparison to the Irish rockers. Kinda funny - but it is their show to be fair. Wish I could have been there!

Apparently Robert Redford was at the showing as well and was suitably awed by the technology.

Maybe it was worth $600+ for a pair of scalped tickets? Hmmm. Maybe.

Waiting patiently for the 23rd!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Joel David Moore Jokes About "Avatar"

Collider just did an interview with Joel David Moore and while the subject of "Avatar" obviously came up, he (and undoubtedly the rest of the crew) have learned to keep their mouths shut about spilling any beans.

That being said, I found it to be an entertaining conversation and I actually laughed a couple of times - so check it out: Go to interview segments "Part 6" and "Part 7" here.

Coming This Year: Smurfs 3D?

Well this one kinda snuck up and bit me in the smurf. Apparently, Hendrik Coysman of IMPS (who have the rights to the Smurfs) is working with Paramount Pictures / Nickelodeon to bring us an animated 3-D Smurfs movie THIS year - their 50th anniversary. No further confirmed timing or voicing details are available.

The word is that John Lithgow and Julia Sweeney are to lend their voices to the movie.

The movie has not been confirmed to be in actual 3-D Stereoscopic format so don't get your hopes up too high kids. All too often marketers will refer to computer generated animation as being 3D when they are really just mean that the images don't seem flat (like the old Smurfs TV show vs. something like Shrek). I will let you know when this is confirmed as being Stereoscopic 3-D (comin' at ya!). If it turns out to NOT be in Stereoscopic 3-D, I will pull this post off MarketSaw faster than you can say "Papa Smurf" 3 times fast...

Image courtesy of IMPS

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Coraline" 3D Trailer Captured By Camcorder

Check out this handheld camcorder captured 2D video clip of the 3D movie trailer for "Coraline" that was shown during Beowulf in November. Note that the quality is not all that great due to the above constraints, BUT it does give you a sense of where they are going with the movie regarding content and 3D experience.

Coraline is due in theaters this fall and stars the voices of Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher - more details in our list of upcoming 3D movies.

Listen for the ewwws and ahhhs of the audience to cue you when the 3D effects are in their face!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Over $600 For A Pair Of Movie Tickets? Dude Selling U23D Premiere Tix On eBay

At the time of this post, an eBay seller has recieved a bid of $610 for his pair of U23D tickets to the premiere at Sundance!

His big marketing ploy? U2 MIGHT be there. Might. He says: "I can make no guarantee that Bono / U2 will attend the Sundance screening, but Bono & the band have been to Sundance before, and The Edge owns a house nearby)"

On the other end of the scale there is this nugget:

They wouldn't be lookin' to flip these would they? Nahhhhh...

Well to each their own but there seems to be a very ample market for these 3D movie theater tickets. One thing is for sure, the place will be rockin'.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dreamworks To Release 3D "Puss In Boots" In 2011 And...

Great news Shrek fans! Not only do you get "Shrek Goes Fourth" in 3D in 2010 but Dreamworks Animation will be releasing the 3D animation "Puss In Boots". Now don't work yourself into a feline frenzy; it won't be until 2011, but hey - they are doing it! I gotta say, he is my favorite Shrek character. Antonio Banderas really nails that voice and personality.

Dreamworks Animation will be releasing a SECOND 3D animation in 2011 as well - but it has not been disclosed yet. Hmmmm...

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Dreamworks Animation To House A 3D Studio In Bangalore, India

Dreamworks Animation (DWA) will be locating their third studio in Bangalore, India. Before selecting India, DWA looked at Japan and South Korea but liked the alliance opportunities with Thomson who recently bought controlling interest in Paprikaas Animation Studios of Bangalore. They have about 250 employees currently and are looking to double that to 500 over the next year and a half.

This will be the only DWA studio outside of the US. In fact the only DWA studio outside of the US West Coast.

The decision reflects the growing 3D animation movement and the anticipated demand that is forecast for DWA's forthcoming 3D projects. I can't wait to see the results. While it is sad to see jobs leave North America for overseas, it reflects a stronger balance sheet to use these Asian resources. Kudos to Katzenberg for making this happen - it really should improve the profitability of his upcoming tentpoles.


VERY Graphic "Scar 3D" Test Reel: Yes, the clip is in 3D!

Let me tell you it had me squirming at the end. If you don't mind graphic violence (ala Hostel) then by all means have a look at this test reel from "Scar 3D". Jim Carbonetti, Stereoscopic Supervisor over at 3DBlast! sent the link to me as he created this clip.

It is so graphic in fact that I will NOT embed the video on MarketSaw - we have young readers too, especially with Hannah Montana's 3D concert coming up soon. The clip is actually done in old school 3D so you can use your old pair of cardboard red and blue glasses to dimensionalize it. Remember this was a test clip, the actual movie will have the modern polarized glasses in the theater, so relax! So if you are up for it, click the link below:

** WARNING: This link points to graphic video that is definitely not suited for all ages. User discretion is advised. **

Saturday, January 12, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Ed Meyer & Mark Cuban Talking 3-D WITHOUT The Glasses!

Ed Meyer of and Mark Cuban, Forbes list billionaire owner of the Landmark Theater chain have been negotiating glass-less 3-D and there seems like there may be an announcement soon. Yes guys, that means when you go to Landmark Theaters to see a 3-D movie, like Ed Meyer's Horrorween for instance, you WILL NOT have to wear glasses and you will still enjoy a thrilling experience.

While I am personally somewhat close to these discussions, I cannot divulge too much information at this stage - like for instance what technology would be used, etc. But my readers have a vested interest in all things 3-D so I am here to say that we are very close to seeing something very soon.

Ever since 3-D movies have been around, wearing glasses has been synonymous with that pleasure. Even with the advent of today's 3D technologies, wearing those glasses have stuck around. Well, perhaps, not anymore.

I am certainly not adverse to wearing glasses at the theater to view movies and I am overwhelmed with just how great today's 3D technologies are, like Real D, IMAX and Dolby. That being said, for those of you who have voiced an opinion for glass-less theater, you will soon have an option!

Photo of Mark Cuban Courtesy of Matthew Welch

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U23D Only Available In 25 IMAX Theaters For Launch: Wide Release In February

I have been getting quite a few emails asking about when and where the U23D movie will be playing - here is the confirmed update:

U23D will be playing in 25 IMAX Theaters ONLY for the January 23rd release date. Look for a wide release in the rapidly growing REAL D theaters later in February. You can find your local IMAX theater that is playing host to the movie here.

I can see why they are launching with IMAX as their sound is far superior to any other theater venue and it is going to sound awesome! Of course large screens add to the immersion.

For a great review of the U23D movie, check out this from my friend Alex Billington over at First Showing.

I think one of the greatest opportunities for 3D enabled theaters is going to be LIVE 3D events - musicals, sports, etc. with discounted re-broadcastings of the original in the following days after the LIVE event. Music stars would be able to fully leverage what is turning out to be one of the few remaining revenue opportunities from their music - concerts. Charge prime rates to view a concert LIVE, then reduce the rates for subsequent viewings. Sold out markets or markets that are too small to attract big names would benefit a great deal. Remember, with online sharing, music sales are dropping dramatically. Everybody wins with my scenario outlined above.

Would love to hear your comments on such a strategy for the music industry.

New Video Taken from Hannah Montana's "Best Of Both Worlds" 3D Concert Movie

I have to say that the imagery looks darn good for a younger crowd vehicle. The 3D concert movie plays for 1 week only from February 1st to 7th. Take a 2D look:

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Do You Live In Minnesota? Get Your U23D Ticket NOW

U23D advance ticket sales open NOW for the IMAX at the Minnesota Zoo!

Buy your tickets here.

Michelle Rodriguez is FREE!

Yes, according to her official fan site, Michelle Rodriguez has satisified her jail time requirement and is a free citizen. That wasn't all that long in the joint was it? 18 days? Good to have her out and available for "Avatar" call backs for Cameron! Stay on the high road now Michelle!

Photo Courtesy of Columbia

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Journey 3D: Seven New Images

Rope of Silicon (who has placed a rather large brand on each of the images; so I am not copying them here) has gotten exclusive first looks at some images from Journey 3D. Take a look here. Yes, I have asked to be placed on New Line's blog rotation for exclusivities! :-)

Ummm, the pics kinda don't look all that great... Maybe it is just because they are the first ones off the press and they haven't been through the process yet. Or not. Here's hoping the CGI kicks ass. Although I am a passionate believer in 3D, I will pan a movie if it sucks!

3D In The New Hollywood: Mega Executives Meet At Sundance - New Movie Clips!

Update (Jan 10th): Attendees and panelists will be viewing an exclusive first glimpse of Thomas Jane's "The Dark Country" - 3 minutes of glorious 3D. Of course the premiere of U23D is taking place at Sundance as well. More info when I get it!

The big cheese are all getting together in one very large 3D enchilada. Sundance. I first posted on this meeting back on November 22nd, 2007 and promised I would update you with particulars. Well it has expanded and now there is going to be a huge gathering of the three dimensional types at the Festival, Sunday January 20th at 11:30PM at the Prospector Theater.

The panelists include - get this - Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. As I have said before, it doesn't get any better than that. Well, if Peter Jackson were there... Ok, it could be better. But not much!

Some of the other names that are going to be there include: Vince Pace, Jed Weintraub, Steve Schklair, Phil McNally, Catherine Owens and Ray Zone.

There is going to be an AWESOME lineup of 3D movie clips from the various movies in 3D production right now. I am awaiting confirmation before I post these, but wow!

As always, I will update ASAP. The event is ticketed however - may be a completely closed house.

Internal Meeting: Peter Jackson Insiders To Discuss 3D Options

Folks - the strong word from my embedded sources at Weta is that Peter Jackson will play host to key insider people for a rather large scale discussion on what 3D options to elect for "The Hobbit" Part 1 & Part 2 and the original "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. No date for the meeting is known yet, but the personel are being lined up as you read this post.

What does this mean?

Firstly, it means that they are DAMN serious about making "The Hobbit" in 3D or they would not waste the serious executive / development time meeting about it.

Secondly, it means that while "The Hobbit" will be in 3D, it seems that there is an issue about whether to re-release the original trilogy in 3D as well. This was always the weakest bit of news from their camp, but hopefully it prevails. There is a rather large cost associated with converting the movies and doing them the justice they deserve. 2D afficionados will still have there original masterpieces of course.
Personally I think they are crazy not to do it because of the nature of the fans - they are as strong as or stronger than Star Wars fans and Lucas is doing just that - converting his franchise to 3D. Kinda hints at the future and where the money lies. We still think this gets done.

Thirdly, while Beowulf was a success it has lead to a misconception in the marketplace that all 3D movies are now going to be "cartoonish". Nothing could be further from the truth with Live Action and they will be talking about how to combat this image, whether it be through several footage releases of various scenes (like what AVP2 did to great appeal - releasing the first 5 minutes of the movie) or something else.

This is awesome news that PJ & Co. are moving toward the ideal genesis of "The Hobbit" in 3D and that they are gearing up for another long flight into film making history. There is no one else I would want in charge Peter.

Cameron to Break Exciting Avatar News in March...

Ok, ok. I am working on just what kind of announcement this will be but the word from inside James Cameron's camp is that this will be HUGE. Cameron plans on revealing some "Avatar" items that will excite us all. In March. Two months away. Don't think I can wait that long so I will set my intrepid spies to work and try to get the juicy details PRONTO.

Just got some more details - Cameron has the right to change his mind of course but what is on tap for the time being for release in March is the following:
1. New "Avatar" Poster
2. Character Pics
3. *PERHAPS* some footage
For those who are not aware, Avatar will be released in both 3D and 2D although the emphasis is squarely on 3D. This only makes sense until such time as 3D theaters are ubiquitous. The footage therefore will most likely be 2D. Awesome. But 2D.

Stay tuned for some Hobbit news coming up next.

Can you tell I just spoke with my spies? Exciting isn't it? :-)

Original Photo Courtery of WireImage

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D Poster Released!

Dinosaurs - what a blast from the past! Brendan Fraser, same goes for you! Just kidding man - I loved you in that movie. Christopher Walken owned it too.

But to the point, here is the brand spankin' new "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" 3D Poster courtesy of New Line. Thanks guys! Check out that yellowish thing just above Fraser's head...

Click for a larger view...

Monday, January 07, 2008

List of New 3D Flat Screen Televisions Coming From CES 2008!

UPDATED: Jan 9th - Look for green font.

There have been quite a few announcements coming from the CES this year regarding 3D television and hardware. I will keep this list updated until the show is over so bookmark it and check back often!

Keep hearing about Panasonic's "Life Wall" from James Cameron and his camp! Cameron dropped by the Panasonic booth to applaud their technology that he is using for Avatar and mentioned the Life Wall - as did John Landau, a co-creator of "Avatar" during his speech segment. Perhaps the Life Wall has a place in the movie?? Or are they using it for the production of it? Time will tell. The Life Wall is similar to Microsoft's coffee table technology only it is for an entire wall. Panasonic has unveiled a 150" Plasma TV if you're interested - its resolution is 4k by 2k... sayyyyy, those new RED Ones would work nicely with that! Hmmm...


- Mitsubishi is expected to announce their Laser TV product(s)
- Sony may have a Laser TV announcement.
- Novalux may have a Laser TV announcement.
- Philips may have a new 3D TV announcement. Here is a diagram of how their 3D TV technology works:


The Big Trend This Year? Internet connectivity for your TV - watch YouTube videos directly. Look to Panasonic, Samsung & Sharp.

- Samsung Plasma 3D capable HDTV Series 4
(42" & 50"); Due March 2008; Will require a 3D accessory kit but apparently NO glasses will be required.
Company Site.

- Samsung Plasma 3D capable HDTV Series 5
(50" & 58"); Due March 2008; Will require a 3D accessory kit but apparently NO glasses will be required.
Company Site.

- Philips 3D HDTVs have not had a new announcement at this year's CES, but their offering is excellent - check out their 3D WOW Zone. Using the technology explained in the graphic above, they have linked together nine flat screens to make this new video wall come to life with 3D. Note that until there are consumer products to buy and view on these sets, they will remain commerical endeavours (digital signage). Current price of a 27" 3D HDTV? $10,000++ (I trust these will come down a tad...)


- Pavonine Korea 3D Display "Miracube"
(Can switch from 2D to 3D) Company Site. They also have a 3D camera system for live/recorded 3D viewing.
Company Site.

(UPDATE: Jan 8th) - iZ3D + Unigine + Meant To Be Seen (Press Release / Demo Available) First Natively Supported 3D Game Engine + Monitor Stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) technologies refer to volumetric 3D and not just 3D graphics (so things are "comin' at ya"!) and even though you don't need native support to run 3D games, this gaming engine and monitor tandem can eliminate artifacts, ghosting etc. If you are at CES check them out at the Microsoft Booth #7144 In the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Thanks to David Chechelashvili, VP of Marketing at iZ3D for keeping me updated.

Company Sites: iZ3D / Unigine / Meant To Be Seen.

NOTE THAT in February representatives from Sony, Mitsubishi, Philips and Dreamworks are meeting to discuss 3D Home Video strategies. Can you say "Format War"? I knew you could.

On a CES side note, Texas Instruments has something called a "DualView" which actually USES 3D TECHNOLOGY, but rather than flip quickly between two images - "one for each eye", it flips between two images - "one for each game player"! Simply ingenious! Now you can throw out those damned split screens and the cheating glances at what your competitor is doing and relish in full screen gaming! Each player sees a full screen of their viewpoint through their own uniquely tuned glasses. Awesome. Caveats: You WILL need a DLP HDTV. Both Samsung and Mitsubishi have TVs that will support this tech. Also, until such time as the gaming companies build DualView into their systems, you will need two consoles to accomplish this.

Oh, and even though it may not be 3D compatible yet, here is a CURVED Alienware gamer display that I think you will enjoy:

Friday, January 04, 2008

Awesome New 3D Movie "Poster Clips" Launched

We knew it was coming and now its here. A Canadian company by the name of RabbitHoles Media has come up with a way to display six to eight seconds of 2D OR 3D movie clips and print them on to a poster that "moves" as the viewer walks past them.

I have already seen a prototype of similar technology on a television show from Canada called "Dragon's Den" although I think it was a different company. I have no doubt there are others coming up with this "poster clip" ability. The advertising opportunities are endless. You can bet your bottom dollar that James Cameron will be using similar tech for his "Avatar" posters - like this spy one that has already been leaked:

Source: Wired

SAME DAY UPDATE: James Cameron DID IN FACT inquire into this company's technology back when they were known as XYZ RGB. So we will most likely be seeing Avatar 3D posters with this technology sometime in 2009! Steve Jobs has also expressed interest in this company and their products. (Source

Here is the image that they will be showing off at Comic Con soon - remember that this moving "poster clip" is on a flat piece of media!

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Real D Launches Consumer and Home Products Division! YES - 3D For Your Home Theater!!

Awesome news folks! Real D is launching a Consumer and Home Products Division to take advantage of their technology advances in the home as well as in the theater. So after much speculation in the space, a true leader, Real D, has emerged as a champion of bringing 3D to the Home Theater.

This also means that now the studios have a potential DVD distribution model for their brand spankin' new 3D movies that they are flogging at the cinema. See the movie in 3D, then buy the DVD for your Real D enabled 3D Home Theater. Piracy issues have been drastically reduced but not eliminated - see comments!

Real D announced that Koji Hase has been appointed to the position of President of Worldwide Consumer Electronics. Here is a quote regarding his background:

Awesome news! Now I have true plans for ! :-)

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Red To Release the Scarlet "Pocket Professional" Camera!

WHOA! I am still reeling from Red being able to use their Red One cameras in 3D configuration, but now comes word from their corporate forums that they are coming out with a "Pocket Professional" camera code named Scarlet!

Red's CEO, Jim Jannard posted on their forums this nugget:

What does this mean? Well if it is as industry redefining as their Red One Camera (4K resolution at 60 frames per second @ less than $18k), then perhaps more common folk can walk around with a Red camera on their person grabbing unheard of portable HD everywhere! I can't imagine right now what kind of resolution it will have, but I have got some feelings developing... Hope they are accurate! (Ok I can - 2K resolution, but its a guess!)

You have gotta love how Red has captured the imaginations of many people and it seems as though they are just beginning! It reminds me of the earlier iterations of Apple's iPod and how they eventually just took everything over. Red may very have the video capture equivalent of the iPod here in our midst.

Can't wait to see the final product of the various RED projects going on right now from Steven Soderburgh.


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Next Genre of Movies? Dreamworks' AIR GUITAR and Another in 3D!

Guys - I have just gotten word yesterday from a reliable source within Dreamworks that they have a "huge 2-D Air Guitar film in the works" - hey now, I was not expecting that but it makes sense. Best of all though, later on in the day in conversation with Ed Meyer over at Adirondack International Pictures, he said that he too was working on "Air Guitar 3-D" of the same genre to be shot concurrently with "Dumbass 3-D".

I can see the long neck of a Gibson sticking out into the audience like that spear did in "Beowulf" - awesome don't you think? Especially if you like rock.
Whatever it turns out to be it looks like a hot idea and well timed. Air Guitar video games have been rocking the world's consoles for some time now!

So what are these movies going to look like? If the 3-D version is shot simultaneously with "Dumbass 3-D" then perhaps some of the same Jackass type actors will be in it? Casting ideas? Storyline? Video game tie-ins? Let me know your thoughts!

Photos courtesy of Guitar Hero and Activision.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

U23D Release Date Pushed Ahead to January 23rd !!

Hey good news U2 and 3D fans! The boys from Ireland have pushed their release date to January 23rd from January 25th and man oh man is the excitement mounting. I can't tell you how many emails I have received asking questions about the movie and where it will be made available.

Rest assured U2 fans, I will have an updated list of 3D theaters that are playing host to the film VERY SOON. I will post immediately so look for it daily.

Check out the movie trailer here. And see their list of songs here.

Official site:

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

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