Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is This The First Look At Ridley Scott's 3D Epic THE FOREVER WAR??

Jim here. This is potentially very exciting or very lame. Either way it is a nice piece of artwork I guess.

Quiet Earth claims they have some artwork from Steve Simmons (Artist on TIMELESS) that belongs to Ridley Scott's THE FOREVER WAR.

If you are unacquainted, here is the synopsis of Scott's planned stereoscopic 3D Sci-Fi epic: An elite task force returns home after a brief interstellar military operation, but discovers that 20 years have past and the planet they once knew is completely different. Based on Joe Haldeman's 1974 novel "The Forever War".

I would take a substantial grain of salt with this one for now as much as I would like to believe it. I will keep you updated!

Exclusive Confirmed! Reitman Attached To Produce BAYWATCH!

Jim here. Nope! I am not talking about watching Michael Bay and his 3D soft-shoe show.

But I AM kinda perturbed. Risky Business blog over at THR would like you to believe that they are breaking this story - they aren't. We had this story out in the open back in September of 2007! Modern journalists are amazing aren't they?

But they did fill in some blanks that were missing - so thanks, I guess! I had not heard anything further about the story since I broke that Ivan Reitman was attached. Originally Spielberg had a hand in this too - perhaps he still has.

The new update is that Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka have been tapped to write the screenplay and apparently Paramount wants to move forward with a 2011 release window.

From Risky Business: ...Insiders place the “Baywatch” adaptation in the context of a TV revamp like “Charlie’s Angels” rather than “Starsky and Hutch,” which indicates that female-driven action is also on the menu.

RB makes no mention of the original intent to shoot this in S3D
, so we will remain cautiously optimistic at this point as I have not heard anything further. I think I will ping my sources again on this one. Certainly the worldwide following of Baywatch makes this an interesting project.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3ality Digital Doing First S3D Simulcast Of A Concert In The US TONIGHT: The Black Eyed Peas!! One Night Only!

Jim here. Some hot breaking news in Los Angeles if you are not up to anything tonight - but you have to hurry!!

3ality Digital is doing the FIRST S3D simulcast of a concert in the U.S. TONIGHT -- the sold-out Black Eyed Peas show at Staples Center in Los Angeles. The concert will be piped from Staples Center to a 70' screen at the Regal Cinemas L.A. Live Stadium 14 across the street at LA Live.

The Black Eyed Peas: The E.N.D. World Tour LIVE Presented by BlackBerry 3-D Event, will also feature a 30-minute exclusive program that includes behind-the-scenes footage and band interviews.

Immediately before The Black Eyed Peas take the stage on March 30th, two lucky fans at the Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE Stadium 14 will be selected to receive preferred seats for the live, sold out performance across the street at STAPLES Center.

Tickets for The Black Eyed Peas: The E.N.D. World Tour LIVE Presented by BlackBerry3-D Event on March 30 at 7:30 p.m. Pacific are available at the Regal Cinemas L.A. Live Stadium 14 box office and at

They actually moved the simulcast to the biggest auditorium they had, because it sold out in a matter of hours, with very little publicity or advance notice.

The six-time GRAMMY Award-winning group –,, Taboo and Fergie – are on their first tour since 2006, and the group’s most ambitious stage production to date. In support of their multi-platinum No. 1 album, The E.N.D – featuring the chart record-breaking consecutive No. 1 singles “Boom Boom Pow” and “I Gotta Feeling” – The Black Eyed Peas are transforming major arenas into massive club parties across the country and around the world. The E.N.D. World Tour Presented by BlackBerry proves The Energy Never Dies with state of the art lasers, lights, HD visuals, flying stunts and eight world class dancers that will be a visual assault on the senses for hundreds of thousands of fans.

The Black Eyed Peas won three more GRAMMY Awards this year
- Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals ("I Gotta Feeling"); Best Pop Vocal Album (The E.N.D.); and Best Short Form Music Video ("Boom Boom Pow"). To date, The Black Eyed Peas’ fifth studio album The E.N.D., has sold over 2.2 million copies in the U.S., and over 6 million copies world¬wide with digital single sales in the U.S. selling over 12.5 million tracks. The Peas have logged over 350 headlining tour dates in 29 countries, with over 2.5 million tickets sold.

Some other associated events:
Official After Party at Conga Room on Tuesday, March 30th
Tickets are available for $15 and may be purchased at

The Black Eyed Peas Fan Fest on Nokia Plaza L.A. LIVE
The Fan Fest is FREE to the public and does NOT require a ticket.

The live 3D event is being delivered by 3ality Digital and presented by AEG Live. Wish I was there!

3ality Digital is a sponsor of MarketSaw.


Jim here. Steve over at Collider had an awesome round table with Zack Snyder (300, WATCHMEN) and producer Debbie Snyder (Zack's wife) recently and Zack spoke out about his upcoming 3D projects SUCKER PUNCH (3D conversion) and LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIANS (native 3D) as well as 3D in general.

Zack always has interesting things to say and I had the opportunity to see parts of GUARDIANS at ShoWest this year - let me tell you, it was gorgeous! You will have to see it for yourself, but it is extremely well done visually and stereoscopically. Keep in mind that it is definitely a family movie, but stunning nevertheless.

If you are not up to speed on his upcoming movies - here are the rundowns:

SUCKER PUNCH is an epic action fantasy that takes us into the vivid imagination of a young girl, whose dream world provides the ultimate escape from her darker reality. Unrestrained by the boundaries of time and place, she is free to go where her mind takes her but her incredible adventures blur the lines between what’s real and what is imaginary…with potentially tragic consequences.

(trailer below) follows Soren, a young owl enthralled by his father’s epic stories of the Guardians of Ga’Hoole, a mythic band of winged warriors who had fought a great battle to save all of owlkind from the evil Pure Ones. While Soren dreams of someday joining his heroes, his older brother, Kludd, scoffs at the notion, and yearns to hunt, fly and steal his father’s favor from his younger sibling. But Kludd’s jealousy has terrible consequences-causing both owlets to fall from their treetop home and right into the talons of the Pure Ones. Now it is up to Soren to make a daring escape with the help of other brave young owls. Together they soar across the sea and through the mist to find the Great Tree, home of the legendary Guardians of Ga’Hoole-Soren’s only hope of defeating the Pure Ones and saving the owl kingdoms.

Here is what Zack and Debbie had to say on their 3D process and upcoming movies...

Zack: "We did 3D from the very beginning on this. The very first images were all…we put into 3D."

Debbie: "Were made on 3D, not converted."

Zack: "We made this movie with the intent of 3D though I’m doing them exactly at the same time, so it’s different. Like for instance, the difference is when we were working on “Guardians” I said okay, I want because it’s an owl world the movie takes place at night, right? 90%. And so if we were shooting the movie in an owl world with owl cameras, the film would have a very shallow depth of field because we’d be shooting at night. We wouldn’t have a lot of light. So everything would be like a 1-3 or like a 1-9 like super skinny focus. And so that was a thing that I was like okay, that’s the mandate. Do that, always. And we built a big camera bible. It has all these like rules like things you could do and couldn’t do. Like I didn’t want…all the flying shots had to look like they were basically being photographed from some kind of a rig. Like another flying…like an owl with a camera on his back or I don’t know how…I was very militant about that stuff. When you go to 3D, the shallow focus is a bit of a thing, right? So there’s a little bit of a trade-off because most 3D movies everything’s in focus. That’s how you get the depth, right because the foreground is jumping out from the background. But if you, for example, at that shot where the feather comes at you at the very end of the trailer, the feather comes at you and the focus goes to it and the background goes out of focus but the feather really feels like it’s out. Those are the kinds of things that we…that’s not intuitive to 3D to do big out of focus playing with the feather or with an object popping out of the out of focus. So there was a lot of R&D that we worked on to try and get that to work throughout the entire film. And in some cases in the 3D version, the focus actually had to be extended as opposed to the 2D version of the movie we kept it skinny but because it’s all done on the computer the focus is applied. So everything is in focus, we apply the focus later. And so in 3D it’s actually easier to stretch that because the elements are all there and they’re all in focus. So there was a bit of a process that went on to find the right…without me saying like…because I won’t give it up entirely. I’m like no, I don’t want the whole thing in focus. But I do appreciate that for the 3D to work better, more focus is required. But those are the kind of conversations we had and have been having in the process to sort of understand the best way to render the 3D. Now, that said, and I think that when you actually watch the trailer you can see how clean the 3D is, it’s like super clean. Now the interesting thing is, we’re going to be converting “Sucker Punch” to 3D, so it’s like a different process. Although I feel like actually having done “Guardians”, I have a really good sensibility at this point to be able to manage that conversion process without it just being a gimmick that we slap on top of the movie."

Debbie: "And because of the way shooting a lot of the things against green-screen and when we have separate elements to play with, it gives us…it’s kind of different than if it’s just a norm…like kind of I say normal but like a film that’s just not shot that way. Because we can play with these elements more. We have them already isolated. It gives us more latitude."

Zack wraps up by revealing both movies WILL be at Comicon!
Awesome. I am really looking forward to Xerxes too (Events that take place about 10 years prior to the movie 300). Thanks to Collider for the interview and be sure to catch the rest of it right here.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Exclusive: Photo Of New Weta Sound Stages Nearing Completion AND THE HOBBIT Coverage Kicks Off!!

Jim here. I am officially starting MarketSaw coverage on THE HOBBIT as of right NOW. :-)

There seems to be enough activity to warrant scaling up spy activities for our readers and may I say the wait has been arduous! WAIT NO MORE. lol.

I heard back from one of my better sources connected with THE HOBBIT and it seems that because the movie is not going to be 2D (which would have had a July'ish start), it will be ramping up in the November time frame as more prep is needed for S3D. This is not just from my source either - this is the word from the film community, set people and vfx folks. Another reason for the delay is the obvious financial issues with MGM (TORn has a good recent article on this).

The project itself is EXTREMELY quiet right now - to get this information out was very difficult. The cone of silence has definitely been lowered over this project and justifiably so; the world is holding its breath for more Middle-earth news.

That said, we can start talking about a couple of things: Sound stages AND Hobbiton - their construction is well underway. Amazing that there is no official green light as of yet on this thing because there is definitely money being spent!

The new sound stages on the film lot are almost finished and it looks like two large rooms under one roof with the potential of connecting the two.

One of our intrepid spies managed a shot of the exterior of the buildings.

Are we sure they are part of the lot? Yes! Walls are being torn down and ramps built to the central parking lot / production buildings on the opposite side.

One can almost imagine the giant green screens eventually being positioned within the new buildings to help create the dragon Smaug interacting with our adventuresome hobbits.

And what about Hobbiton? TORn has some great shots of how Hobbiton is being groomed for action! Check out one of the shots here and click on over to TORn for the rest.

Apparently a team of 60 has started work breaking new ground on Hobbit holes. Seems we may be able to actually enter these ones as they are significantly larger that the originals.

Keep it right here on MarketSaw as we activate our embedded assets in Wellywood :-) It is time to cover THE HOBBIT!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rundown of All the S3D Stuff Happening at NAB 2010!

Michael here with a rundown of the S3D stuff happening at NAB in April. The show will be filled with S3D educational sessions and high profile speakers such as Vince Pace, Steve Schklair, Barry Sandrew, Chuck Comisky, Buzz Hays and many more luminaries from all corners of the S3D world.

The Digital Cinema Summit on Saturday and Sunday is entirely dedicated to all aspects of S3D, and on Monday and Tuesday there will be even more sessions, including ones on the makings of Alice in Wonderland, How to Train Your Dragon, and Hubble 3D:

Check out the schedule below:

Digital Cinema Summit - Saturday & Sunday:

Saturday, April 10

Understanding Stereopsis and 3D Image Capture
Saturday, 04/10/2010 8:45am - 9:45am
Room S222

This session will provide a review of how the human visual system perceives depth, and the fundamentals of stereoscopic imaging. In addition, common techniques for live 3D image capture using stereoscopic camera rigs will be explained, including benefits and pitfalls, and a variety of 3D capture tools will be demonstrated. Other topics will include imaging parameters such as the setting of interaxial distance (baseline) and convergence, plus causes of eyestrain in improperly crafted 3D images. Finally, factors such as hyperstereo, divergence and accommodation will be explained and demonstrated.


Peter Lude, Senior Technology Executive, Sony Electronics
Steve Schklair, CEO, 3ality Digital Systems LLC.

3D Programming: Lessons Learned
Saturday, 04/10/2010 10:00am - 11:00am
Room S222

Stereoscopic motion imaging is fundamentally different than 2D. To be most effective, the 3D production crew will take a different approach to depth of field, camera positions, zoom moves, intercutting and graphic compositing. In this session, we'll hear from pioneering 3D content producers to learn what factors must be considered in planning high-quality 3D coverage of different program genres.


Al Barton, Consultant, Freelance Digital


Pierre de Lespinois, Co-Founder, Evergreen Films
Thomas Edwards, VP, Digital Television Testing & Evaluation, FOX

3D Conversion
Saturday, 04/10/2010 11:00am - 12:00pm
Room S222

With the recent announcements of multiple 3DTV channels in U.S., Asia and Europe, will there be enough natively-captured 3D content? Many content producers are investigating if it is feasible to convert existing 2D material to stereoscopic 3D. Others are considering shooting new programs in 2D and then converting to 3D, versus natively-capturing in 3D. Is real-time 3D conversion a viable option or are humans needed to make the creative adjustments to create acceptable 3D images? This panel will discuss various issues related to 3D conversion from the point of view of content producers, distributors and 3D conversion experts.


Brad Collar, Vice President, Technology, Warner Bros.


Barry Sandrew, Ph.D, Founder and President/COO, Legend3-D, A Legend Films Company
Chris Alexander, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & Publicity, Twentieth Century Fox Television
Chris Yewdall, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, DDD USA, Inc.
Warren Littlefield, President, The Littlefield Company

A Case for Quality in Production and Post-Production
Saturday, 04/10/2010 2:30pm - 3:15pm
Room S222

This panel focuses on the creation of high-quality 3D in broadcast, feature film and other production types. Discussion will cover all aspects of production and post-production that relate to the creation of a comfortable stereoscopic viewing experience. It will also include specific areas of the creative side that contribute to the highest quality 3D possible, while minimizing discomfort and eye strain. Demonstrations provided.


Buzz Hays, Executive Stereoscopic 3D Producer, 3D Technology Center, Sony Corporation of America

After the Capture: What Other Tools Exist?
Saturday, 04/10/2010 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Room S222

The post-production workflow has to be modified to handle 3-D. What tools exist for editorial, color correction, adjusting depth, placement of overlays/captions/menus? What quality assurance guidelines methods exist for assessing consumer comfort (including children)?


Jim Whittlesey, Sr. Vice President, Technology, Deluxe Digital Media


Howard Postley, COO/CTO, 3ality Digital Systems LLC
Matthew DeJohn, VP/VFX Producer, In-Three Inc.
Peter Postma, FilmLight
Steve Owen, Director of Worldwide Marketing, Quantel

Stereography and Storytelling
Saturday, 04/10/2010 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Room S222

For many producers, 3D imaging has become an exciting tool to enhance the creative process of story-telling. Given the projects that have been done to date in movies, TV, and games, what can we learn from cinematographers and directors on what really enhances the story-telling and what detracts from the story-telling?


Rob Engle, 3-D Visual Effects Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks


Chuck Comisky
Eric Kurland, Independent filmmaker/3-D enthusiast,

Sunday, April 11

Digital Cinema (including 3D) Roll-out: A Status Report
Sunday, 04/11/2010 8:45am - 9:45am
Room S222

Penetration flattened in 2008/2009 for a variety of reasons. 3D emerged as one of the strongest influencers in continued purchase of digital projectors. This session will assess the expectations and reationale for digital cinema deployment for 2010 and beyond.

(This session recorded for inclusion in the Online Learning Center)


Michael Karagosian, Founder, MKPE Consulting LLC


Oleg Berezin, Managing Director, Nevafilm JSC
Peter Wilson, Technology Chairman, EDCF, European Digital Cinema Forum

Technical Issues for 3D Digital Cinema
Sunday, 04/11/2010 10:00am - 10:30am
Room S222

While the distribution of the 3-D feature images are standardized, research and experiments continue in the realms of subtitling, windowing, depth ratios, etc. This session will identify what items are suitable for standardized metadata and what their time frames may be for documented standards versus practical field implementations.

(This session recorded for inclusion in the Online Learning Center)


Richard Welsh, Director, Digital Cinema Services, Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

Production and Projection Techniques for Immersive Media
Sunday, 04/11/2010 10:30am - 11:00am
Room S222

This talk focuses on new technologies in the areas of multi-view displays and 3-D panorama and explores the possibilities of gaming and cinema growing together in the future. This presentation will provide an overview of research in mini-HD cameras that provide for more complex panoramic 3-D rigs, field recorders able to store more 3-D images, and on-set calibration tools for stereoscopic camera rigs.


Siegfried Foessel, Dr. Ing, Frauhofer IIS

3D TV Distribution: Which Platform(s) Will Succeed?
Sunday, 04/11/2010 1:15pm - 2:30pm
Room S222

This is the first of three mini-panels about 3D TV broadcasting and the specific challenges it brings

This first panel will address the options, plans, and strengths for delivery of 3D to the home by terrestrial broadcast, cable, satellite, broadband, and optical media.


Patrick Griffis, Senior Director, Technology Strategy, Dolby Laboratories


Chris Johns, Chief Engineer, B Sky B
David Broberg, Vice President, Consumer Video Technology, Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.
Jim Taylor, Senior VP and Chief Technologist, Sonic Solutions
Mark Richer, President, ATSC, Winner: NAB Engineering Achievement Award - TV
Tony Jasionowski, Senior Group Manager Accessibility, Panasonic Corporation of North America

Can There (Ever) be a Common Worldwide 3D TV Broadcast Standard?
Sunday, 04/11/2010 2:30pm - 3:00pm
Room S222

While cinema delivery is closing in on one standard delivery package this year, challenges abound for other methods of delivery. There are many more challenges in the world of television, where distribution methods and device types are numerous and widely varied.


David Wood, Deputy Director, EBU Technical, European Broadcasting Union


Ajay Luthra, Vice Chair JVT, Motorola, Inc.
Rick Dean, President, 3-D@Home Consortium
Ted Szypulski, Chair - SMPTE Working Group on 3D Home Master, ESPN, Inc.

Consumer 3D TV Displays: What are the Technical Differences?
Sunday, 04/11/2010 3:15pm - 3:45pm
Room S222

This session will describe the technologies of displays in the market (including legacy CRT), their ability to handle 3D, the various encoding technologies and their applicability to each of the display technologies. This will cover large displays to hand-held.

(This session recorded for inclusion in the Online Learning Center)


Peter Putman, Contributing Editor, Pro AV

3D Consumer Experience in the Home: The Interoperability Challenges
Sunday, 04/11/2010 3:45pm - 4:45pm
Room S222

Many "3D-ready" displays were on the floor at CES, and are on their way to stores. What does "3D-ready" mean for the consumer? What efforts are occurring in the Consumer Electronics industry to assure 3D content will play in some 3D form on all 3D-ready displays? What technical or standards barriers need to be overcome to ensure consumer acceptance and the start of significant sales? How will consumers match content, video sources, displays and glasses to get a compelling 3D experience?

This session will answer these questions and more.

(This session recorded for inclusion in the Online Learning Center)


Brian Markwalter, VP, Technology and Standards, Consumer Electronics Association


Ami Dror, Chief Strategy Officer, XpanD Cinema
Brad Hunt, President, Digital Media Directions, LLC.
Mark Stockfisch, Vice President and CTO, Quantum Data
Steve Venuti, President, HDMI Licensing, LLC

3D 10 Years Hence: 20/20 in 2020?
Sunday, 04/11/2010 4:45pm - 5:30pm
Room S222

What does the time-line look like for the migraion from special purpose glasses to inexpensive (almost disposable) glasses to glassless technologies? What technical or standards barriers need to be overcome to ensure consumer acceptance and the start of significant sales?


Hans Hoffmann, Programme Manager EBU Technical, EBU


Aljoscha Smolic, Disney Research, Zurich
Dr. Takayuki Ito, Deputy Director-General, NHK Science and Tech Research Lab
Tibor Balogh, CEO/Founder, Holografika Kft

Content Theater - Monday & Tuesday

Monday, April 12

ESPN: Scoring a Field Goal in S3-D Sports
Monday, 04/12/2010 3:00pm - 3:50pm
Room N109

With the wildly successful stereoscopic 3-D telecast of the Ohio State-USC football game, ESPN established itself as the leader in S3D sports production and exhibition. What are the creative and technical lessons that ESPN has learned capturing and distributing sports in S3D? How does S3D impact camera placement, workflows, graphics and the broadcast director and camera operator's job description? Industry pioneer Vince Pace joins ESPN technology and production executives to shine a light on ESPN's latest S3D projects and upcoming initiatives, including the new dedicated network to be launched June 2010.


Glen Dickson, Senior Editor, Broadcasting & Cable Magazine


Anthony Bailey, Vice President, Emerging Technology, ESPN
Vince Pace, CEO, PACE


Bob Toms, Vice President, Production Enhancements & Interactive TV, ESPN
Phil Orlins, Coordinating Producer, ESPN 3D & X Games

"Alice in Wonderland": Turning Fantasy into Motion Picture Reality
Monday, 04/12/2010 4:00pm - 4:50pm
Room N109

Journey behind the scenes of the stereoscopic 3D fantasy adventure "Alice in Wonderland," Tim Burton's wildly imaginative twist on Lewis Carroll's classic writings. Get an in-depth picture of the creative, production and postproduction processes, including the design of the film's poetic, hyper-real look and its use of S3D to accentuate the story. Understand the challenges of shooting for synthetic environments and realizing hybrid live action/CG characters of wildly varying heights and proportions. A rare glimpse into the making of one of today's most complex and visually arresting films.

Carolyn Giardina, Entertainment Industry Journalist, "The Hollywood Reporter," "ICG Magazine"


Art Repola, Executive Vice President, Visual Effects and Production, The Walt Disney Company
Corey Turner, Stereographer, Sony Pictures Imageworks
Ken Ralston, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks
Tom Peitzman, Co-Producer/Visual Effects Producer, Walt Disney Pictures

"How to Train Your Dragon" - A Case Study
Monday, 04/12/2010 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Room N109

A comprehensive and revealing look at how the filmmakers created DreamWorks Animation's beautiful and heartwarming CG animated motion picture.


Bill Damaschke, Co-President of Production for Feature Animation & President of LiveTheatrical, DreamWorks Animation
Dean DeBlois, Director, “How to Train Your Dragon”, DreamWorks Animation
Gil Zimmerman, Head of Layout, “How to Train Your Dragon”, DreamWorks Animation
Kathy Altieri, Production Designer, “How to Train Your Dragon”, DreamWorks Animation
Robert Holtzman, Nexon America

Tuesday, April 13

"Hubble 3-D": Filmmaking in Outer Space with IMAX Technology Tuesday, 04/13/2010 3:00pm - 3:50pm
Room N109

How did IMAX collaborate with NASA to capture the intergalactic imagery for "Hubble 3-D," the new motion picture about the final mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope? How did director/producer Toni Myers and her crew train the space shuttle Atlantis astronauts to be filmmakers and realize the movie's vision? What was the stereographic 3D capture process and how was the equipment challenged by zero gravity and "daytimes" that lasted only 45 minutes? The "Hubble 3-D" and IMAX teams look at filmmaking in outer space and at the innovations that will power IMAX into the future.


Perry Hoberman, Research Associate Professor, University of Southern California


Brian Bonnick, Executive Vice President of Technology, IMAX Coporation
David Keighley, Executive Vice President, IMAX Corporation
Larry O’Reilly, Executive Vice President of Theater Development, IMAX Corporation
Toni Myers, Director, IMAX Corporation/ “Hubble 3D”

The Twenty-First Century Camera Crew and How it Works
Tuesday, 4/13/2010 02:30 PM - 03:30 PM
Room N234
Produced in Association with the International Cinematographer's Guild

How do you design a digital camera crew to meet the director's and cinematographer's working style, as well as the production's pipeline needs? How does this lineup vary for a high-end motion picture versus a project destined for HDTV? Why is there a digital imaging technician if the first assistant cameraman/woman knows HD? What are the workflow options for a WYSIWYG production, where what you see is what you get, and how is it different for a project slated for significant digital intermediate color correction? Leading digital filmmakers and crew explain how to configure a twenty-first century camera team and explore the challenges they face capturing, storing and moving digital assets on set.

Andy Romanoff
David Geffner
Jason Clark
Lewis Rothenberg
Steven Poster

Wednesday, April 14

The Business and Technology of Sports Broadcasting: From Mobile Devices to 3-D
Wednesday, 04/14/2010 11:30am - 12:30pm
Room Content Theater

Produced in association with Sports Video Group

Sports broadcasters and leagues played a key part in driving HD adoption. Will the same be true for 3D and mobile video devices? Top executives from networks and leagues discuss how they are gearing up for 3D at home, the business opportunities related to reaching mobile devices like the Apple iPad and phones. What are the challenges both technically and financially? And what do their efforts mean to local stations, cable operators, and digital cinema?


Ken Kerschbaumer, Editorial Director, Sports Video Group


PETER ANGELL, Director Production, Host Broadcast Services


George Hoover, CTO, NEP
Jerry Steinberg, SVP Field Operations, Fox Sports
KEN AAGAARD, EVP of Operations and Production, CBS Sports
Steve Hellmuth, EVP Operations and Technology, NBA Entertainment

I'll hopefully be making it to NAB this year to cover some of this stuff. Everything looks fascinating!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Exclusive: PHISH 3D Photos AND Previews Sell Out FAST!

**SAME DAY UPDATE: Phish's sneak preview has SOLD OUT in EVERY market (except one where the computer ordering system went down). So they then pushed the movies to larger theaters which in turn sold out in a matter of hours! Theaters were reportedly getting hundreds of calls for tickets. Word is OUT. This will be one hot commodity the week of April 30, let me tell you. Act early if you can!

Jim here. Got some exclusive stills from the upcoming PHISH 3D movie coming our way on April 30.

Great seeing the news of the concert movie ripple through the swaths of PHISH heads around the world :-) Click to zoom. Check 'em out:

Friday, March 26, 2010


Jim here. Dreamworks Animation has released some more SHREK FOREVER AFTER posters to help feed the SHREK masses online. Have a look:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Great New James Cameron Interview! He Talks Avatar 2, Avatar Blu-rays, and More

Michael here. Collider has an awesome new interview with James Cameron in which he goes into detail regarding the Avatar Blu-rays (which will have two new versions of the movie!), the amount of time Avatar 2 would take to make, and more.

Click here to read it.


On Avatar 2: The fastest we could imagine making another film is three to three and a half years, from the moment we start, and we’re not planning on starting tomorrow.

On the Avatar Special Edition Blu-ray:

You’ll be able to do a branching experience where you can select if you want to watch the basic movie, if you want to watch the movie with six minutes of footage added back in, or if you want to watch an earlier cut of the film that has 30 or 35 minutes of additional footage. It will be an unrecognizable movie. You’ll be going on a journey into a whole different version of Avatar. And some of the scenes won’t be done because we won’t have the budget to finish 20 or 30 minutes of CG stuff. We’re taking the Greatest Hits six minutes and finishing that.

Definitely go read the entire interview: it's a really good one.

LG Announces FULL LED S3DHD Televisions By May!!

Jim here. FINALLY! I have been waiting for a full LED 3D TV solution and here it is. LG's LX9500. Prices are rumored to be in the $4ooo ballpark - not cheap, but it is S3DHD at its best I am wagering.

These things are THIN!

From the press release:
As the world’s first Full LED 3D TV, the LX9500 uses an innovative backlight structure to deliver spectacular pictures for the ultimate 3D experience. Illuminated by panels of LEDs directly behind the screen (the 55-inch model boasts 1,200 LEDs), the Full LED display provides images of exceptional brightness and clarify for unrivalled picture quality. Complemented by a 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and TruMotion 400Hz (480Hz), the LX9500’s mesmerizing 3D picture transports viewers right into the heart of the action.

"LG’s unique Full LED technology validates LG’s position as a global leader in 3D home entertainment," said Havis Kwon, Executive Vice President and head of the LCD division of LG. "By building a full line-up of 3D TVs and cultivating alliances with content and device providers, LG will set a higher benchmark in the global 3D TV industry."

Along with all the advantages of Full LED, the LX9500’s innovative exterior is also geared toward creating the ultimate 3D experience. With its slim and sleek INFINIA design, the LX9500 not only draws attention with its 22.3mm slim body but also boasts a 16mm super-narrow bezel that allows for fuller and more expansive 3D images that draws viewers in.

In another first for the industry, the LX9500 supports the Multi Picture Format, the 3D picture standard that enables users to create and enjoy 3D content effortlessly. On the LX9500, this means viewers can immediately see images snapped with 3D cameras without having to first convert them on their PCs.

The LX9500 employs shutter glasses (model: AG-S100) that adds depth by alternatively blocking one lens at a time in sync with the screen’s refresh rate. The glasses are comfortable enough to wear for an extended period of time and recharge via USB for up to 40 hours of uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

LG is committed to securing a dominant position in this fast growing market expected to surpass 80 million units by 2014, and aiming to achieve 25 percent share of 3D market in 2010. LG’s strategy includes plans to offer a diversified line-up of products in screen sizes from 42 inches to 150 inches utilizing both polarized and shutter type glasses and to launch a family of 3D products including LED LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, Blu-ray disc players and the world’s first Full HD 3D projectors.

Available in 47- and 55-inch versions, LG INFINIA 3D TVs will be available to consumers first in Korea followed by North America, Europe, the CIS as well as other key markets by early May.

- 3D TV (Shutter glasses type)
- Full LED Slim with Spot Control (Local Dimming)
- INFINIA Design: Ultra Slim Depth, Narrow Bezel, Uni-layer, Uni-color
- Full HD 1080p
- 10,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
- TruMotion 400Hz (480Hz)
- Picture Wizard II
- Crystal Gradation with Varying Light (Facet)
- Invisible Speaker (10W + 10W + 5W)
- Infinite Sound
- Clear Voice II
- NetCastTM ( Broadband TV )
- SkypeTM (Video Call Function with optional Video Camera)
- Wireless AV Link
- DLNA ready (with optional DLNA Dongle)
- USB 2.0 (HD DivX, MP3, JPEG play, MPO)
- HDMI 1.4
- Intelligent Sensor
- Smart Energy Saving Plus
- ECO Flower

Must. Get. One.

Exclusive Update: BLACK FRIDAY 3D

Jim here. Ethan Terra is the president of Blood Worx Films and producer of BLACK FRIDAY 3D and I spoke with him recently about his upcoming movie.

BLACK FRIDAY 3D is about a couple viciously assaulted while vacationing over the Fourth of July weekend; authorities find Diane close to death and take her quickly to the hospital. The local authorities proceed with an in depth search that holds no evidence of the attacker. Diane's older brother Kevin enlists the help of four college friends to seek out the elusive masked murderer. The youths come across a remote lodge that holds pure hellish terror and the friends soon find themselves face to face with the infamous serial killer Tyler Hillburg.

Pre-production starts April 1 and they are already well into Pre-vis and casting. The new director and talent will be announced at Cannes and Monsterpalooza. Ethan says: "The new director is nothing short of legendary and the cast is top rate AMAZING! BF-3D official site will launch next month".

Ethan goes on to elaborate about the movie:
"Black Friday 3D isn't just a horror film. BF 3D mixes say the action of Rambo 1st Blood with an arsenal of creative kills that will satisfy the fans insatiable blood lust, and a non stop compelling story, truly making BF3D the ultimate pop corn slasher!"

Sounds awesome to me.

They will be giving away, well... giveaways *AND* they are going to fly one lucky fan out to Toronto to be killed in the movie!

I know a little something about who else will be in BLACK FRIDAY 3D but I am not at liberty to say a thing. When the time is right - you will know! Keep it right here for exclusive updates on BLACK FRIDAY 3D...

PHISH 3D Concert Movie Coming Late April!

Jim here. Got a huge announcement for all you Phish fans out there (and I know there is a lot of them!): PHISH 3D will be hitting the S3D screens April 30 for a one week run with a limited preview of the concert movie in nine US cities on April 20.

Check out the movie's trailer below!

I found out about the movie during ShoWest and was pleasantly surprised when I saw what band was headlining. I took a photo of their poster but it was not official yet so they asked me to hold off for awhile. But now it is all out there!

From their press release: The more than two hour movie, presented by Action 3D Productions in association with Network LIVE and Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp., highlights Phish’s Festival 8, a three-day, eight-set, 16-hour concert in the Southern California desert.

In advance of the nationwide roll-out, exclusive preview screenings will be shown in nine cities - Boston; Burlington, VT; Chicago; Denver; Houston; Los Angeles; New York; Raleigh/Durham, NC; and Washington, D.C.-- on April 20th. In addition to experiencing this special screening, fans in attendance will take home a Phish 3D movie poster. The fully immersive music and visual experience, featuring state-of-the-art 3D technology, gives viewers the sense that they are not only at the event, but on stage with the band that Entertainment Weekly has called “the biggest cult band in America.” Phish 3D features fan favorites, never before seen cover songs, and intimate footage of the band backstage and in rehearsals.

Filmed in October 2009 at the band’s Festival 8
, more than 40,000 devoted fans watched as Phish combined two of their most beloved traditions — the multi-day festival and the Halloween album “costume.” The band’s highly anticipated "musical costumes" are concerts involving the performance of an entire album by another artist—in this case, Phish covered the Rolling Stones’ album Exile on Main St. Phish 3D also features songs from the band’s first ever full-length acoustic set, as well as performances taken from the six additional sets.

Tickets for the Tuesday, April 20th screenings will be available for purchase on Friday, March 26 (individual theater on-sale dates may be subject to change). Ticketing information is available at or with the following theaters:

National Amusements 565 Squire Rd (781) 284-5700
-Burlington Majestic 10 190 Boxwood St (802) 878-2010
-Chicago Rosemont Theatre 9701 Bryn Mawr Ave (847) 447-1040
-Denver Movie Tavern 10 18605 East Hampden Ave (303) 680-9913
-Houston Studio Movie Grill 805 Town & Country Way (469) 693-3456
-Los Angeles Rave Motion Pictures 18 The Promenade (310) 568-9950
-New York Pavilion Theatre 188 Prospect Park West (718) 369-0836
-Raleigh Wynnsong 15 1807 Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy (919) 489-9505
-Washington Fairfax Corner 14 11900 Palace Way (703) 378-6550

Ticketing information for the Friday, April 30th opening of Phish 3D will be made available at Fans are encouraged to check the site for ticketing and event news frequently, as there a very limited number of seats available for this one week run.

Phish will kick off an extensive summer tour on June 11th at Toyota Park in Chicago, IL. An online ticket request period is currently underway at and will end on Friday, March 26th, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Tickets will go on sale to the general public beginning Friday, April 2nd. For full details, visit

About Phish:
Since forming in Vermont in 1983, Phish has developed a large following dedicated to their legendary live shows of eclectic, free-form rock, jazz, country, bluegrass and pop. The band has sold more than 8 million albums and DVDs in the United States, including fourteen studio albums and a multitude of live shows. The ceaseless touring of guitarist/vocalist Trey Anastasio, drummer Jon Fishman, bassist Mike Gordon and keyboardist Page McConnell helped make them one of the top concert draws in the nation until their indefinite hiatus in the summer of 2004. Phish officially reunited in March 2009 and later released their fourteenth album, Joy, with producer Steve Lillywhite. Phish headlined the Bonnaroo Festival in June 2009 and performed a 4-night New Year's Eve run at Miami's American Airlines Arena. For more information, visit

About Action 3D:
Action 3D Productions—A3D—is a privately held production company with a unique approach to capturing live alternative content events (music, sports, and theater) in digital 3D. While technology is key to the process, people are the main ingredients to creating immersive experiences for presentation in cinemas and location-based entertainment venues. A3D's biggest asset is its know-how. The company’s management team has decades of worldwide experience in entertainment presentation, business management and film production. While this team's individual accomplishments are impressive, the complementary backgrounds and skills have enabled A3D to quickly advance in creating, developing and marketing sought-after 3D entertainment for the rapidly developing suite of 3D distribution channels.

About Cinedigm:
Cinedigm is the leader in providing the services, experience, technology and content critical to transforming movie theaters into digital and networked entertainment centers. The Company is a technology and services integrator that works with Hollywood movie studios, independent movie distributors, and exhibitors to bring movies in digital cinema format to audiences across the country. Cinedigm’s digital cinema deployment organization, software, unique combined satellite and hard drive digital movie delivery network; pre-show in-theater advertising services; and distribution platform for alternative content such as CineLive® 3-D and 2-D sports and concerts, thematic programming and independent movies provide a complete suite of services required to enable the digital theater conversion. Cinedigm™ and Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. ™ are trademarks of Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. [CIDM-G]

About AEG Network LIVE:
Network LIVE is the industry’s largest provider of live digital entertainment, offering fans unparalleled access to the artists they want—when and how they want it—via broadband, TV, radio, wireless, theatrical and retail. AEG Network LIVE has completed successful tour and album launch campaigns for AEG Live clients including Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Prince, Linkin Park, Garth Brooks, and many others. More information on AEG Network Live can be found at

Michael Bay is Not Impressed By 3D Conversion Tests of Transformers Films

Michael here. It seems like Michael Bay is against the idea of converting Tranformers 3 to 3D, and James Cameron is also speaking out against quick conversion jobs.

Check out the below quote from Bay, From

I shoot complicated stuff, I put real elements into action scenes and honestly, I am not sold right now on the conversion process.... Right now, it looks like fake 3-D, with layers that are very apparent. You go to the screening room, you are hoping to be thrilled, and you're thinking, huh, this kind of sucks. People can say what they want about my movies, but they are technically precise, and if this isn't going to be excellent, I don't want to do it. And it is my choice.... I'm used to having the A-team working on my films, and I'm going to hand it over to the D-team, have it shipped to India and hope for the best? This conversion process is always going to be inferior to shooting in real 3-D. Studios might be willing to sacrifice the look and use the gimmick to make $3 more a ticket, but I'm not. Avatar took four years. You can’t just shit out a 3D movie. I’m saying, the jury is still out.”

And Cameron says: (also from Deadline)

After Toy Story, there were 10 really bad CG movies because everybody thought the success of that film was CG and not great characters that were beautifully designed and heartwarming. Now, you’ve got people quickly converting movies from 2D to 3D, which is not what we did. They’re expecting the same result, when in fact they will probably work against the adoption of 3D because they’ll be putting out an inferior product.

I love how Bay is never afraid to speak his mind about what he thinks is best for his movies. And I agree with Cameron that studios are taking the wrong message from the success of Avatar: Conversions, if they aren't going to harm S3D in the long run, need to be of a high quality.

Of course, my real hope is that we see more films shot natively in 3D. I know Bay says his shooting style is too aggressive for 3D cameras and that, according to Deadline, he found them too heavy and cumbersome for the fast pace action scenes he shoots.
However, I think he could definitely find a way to make it work. Look what Nolan did with those huge IMAX cameras on The Dark Knight.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BUCK ROGERS And POPEYE Are Suiting Up For A Date With 3D!

Jim here. Two more classic characters are getting the stereoscopic 3D treatment: BUCK ROGERS and POPEYE.

Sony is going to bring a CGI version of POPEYE to 3D screens and is being buoyed by none other than super Producer Ari Arad (SPIDER-MAN). Mike Jones may write pending negotiations.

From Variety: Arad says that the new version will cover the themes of friendship, love, greed and life, and focus on human strengths and frailties. The main characters WILL be involved, namely Bluto, Olive Oyl and Swee'Pea.


Paul W.S. Anderson (RESIDENT EVIL) is directing a live action version of BUCK ROGERS (via Variety) from a script written by IRON MAN scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. It has not been confirmed that the movie will definitely be in 3D, but the odds are great that it will. The producing company is Paradox Entertainment who is currently doing CONAN in S3D.

Paradox has said that BUCK ROGERS is their highest priority after wrapping CONAN.

Want another little tidbit of something that could be heading our way in 3D? How about a reimagining of HIGHLANDER. Marcum/Holloway are writing that too. Makes for an interesting thought anyway! I am digging into this as we speak.

I am thrilled about the potential for the BUCK ROGERS property. For those unaware of BUCK ROGER's exploits, (from the 1979-81 NBC TV show) he is a United States Air Force pilot who commands Ranger 3, a space shuttle-like ship that is launched in 1987. Because of a freak combination of gases, he is frozen in space for 504 years and is revived in the 25th century. There, he learns that the Earth was united following a devastating nuclear war on November 22, 1987, and is now under the protection of the Earth Defense Forces, headquartered in New Chicago. The latest threat to Earth comes from the spaceborne armies of the planet Draconia, which is planning an invasion.

I assume the character will be updated to a modern version but the gist will most likely be the same. Plenty of potential. More when I get it!

GULLIVER'S TRAVELS And NARNIA 3 Joining The 3D Holiday Rush!

Jim here. According to Fox spokesman Vincent de La Tour both GULLIVER'S TRAVELS and THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TRADER will be ready for this year's Christmas season in stereoscopic 3D.

This officially confirms our suspicions about what other Fox properties were on tap to be in three dimensions. As a side note, Fox's S3D animation RIO will be out April 8, 2011. It centers on "a nerdy macaw who leaves the comforts of his cage in small-town Minnesota and heads to Rio de Janeiro."

GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (Rob Letterman, Director) will be released December 30 while NARNIA 3 (Michael Apted, Director) will be on screens December 9.

The holiday season will be jam packed with exciting 3D entertainment as these two movies join HARRY POTTER (Nov 19), TANGLED (Nov 24), TRON: LEGACY (Dec 17) and YOGI BEAR (Dec 17).

Stunning news really as the holiday season looks to be bursting at the seams with 3D movies! Keep those 3D screen rollouts steaming along guys.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nintendo 3DS! Nintendo Announces Autostereoscopic 3D Handheld Game System!

Michael here. Wow, this is HUGE news. Nintendo has announced that the successor to the Nintendo DS, tentatively called the "3DS", will be released by March 2011.

Click here for Nintendo's press release

The 3DS will not require glasses. My guess is that the 3DS will feature a parallax barrier or lenticular-based autosterescopic screen. There's also a chance it will feature headtracking for motion parallax.

It will be backwards compatible with the DS and DSi.

In any case, more details on the 3DS will be revealed at this year's E3, which starts June 15 in Los Angeles. It may even be available to play.

I can't wait to hear more about this! I'm sure Nintendo must be thinking S3D and headtracking for the Wii's successor as well, especially after seeing this video.

Technicolor Offers 35mm Film-Based "3D For Everyone!"

Michael here. A new 3D challenger has appeared. Technicolor had a big presence at Showest this year, promoting their 3D solution that utilizes 35mm projectors. I missed their "3D for Every Exhibitor!" demonstration event, so unfortunately I did not get to see their system in action.

However, the very fact that they are putting themselves out there as a viable film-based alternative to digital 3D is certainly an indicator of the health of the 3D movement.

Read below and check out the graphic for more from Technicolor on their system:

The Need
Audiences have made it clear that they want 3D. 3D engagements have consistently outperformed 2D by more than 2-to-1. Studios have already announced 15 major 3D releases for 2010, and more are expected. However, currently only approximately 7,000 screens in North America have been converted to digital, and only roughly 3,000 of those screens are 3D-capable.

The Challenge
As overall market conditions continue to delay a broader digital cinema deployment, exhibitors face a near-term challenge in meeting consumer demand for 3D. And for exhibitors in smaller markets, it can be difficult under any conditions to justify the current cost of going digital. How, we asked, can we bring high-quality 3D to theatres without the huge barrier of investment and bridge the gap until digital cinema can be more widely rolled out?

The Solution
Technicolor has developed a new 3D system that enables exhibitors to leverage the base of 35mm projectors already installed in theatres around the world. Introducing Technicolor 3D.

High Quality
• Utilizes Technicolor’s next-generation 3D lens system and new digital post-production tools which optimize 35mm film for 3D projection
• According to independent research firm OTX, audiences rank Technicolor 3D quality comparable to digital 3D

• A fraction of the cost of digital 3D while maintaining the ability to charge a ticket premium
• Low risk, pay-as-you-go pricing
• Opportunity to bring the 3D experience to theatres where digital conversion may not be cost effective in the near/medium term

Available Now for Everyone and Needed by Market
• Fifteen 3D releases already announced for 2010
• Works with traditional 35mm film projectors and a silver screen
• Technicolor 3D systems ready for immediate rollout

Visit for much more on the system, including pricing, system requirements, etc.

Anything that lessens the current bottleneck of screens is fine by me as long as the quality is there. According to a Technicolor rep I spoke to at Showest, their first 3D screens went up in January.

I wonder how this solution compares to film-based 3D projection of the past?

If any of you have seen the Technicolor 3D system in action, please let us know your thoughts!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Xerxes To Rain Arrows On Leonidas In 3D?

Jim here. Juicy rumor here directly from 300's lion's mouth, Zack Snyder. Apparently he has seen about 10 minutes of his movie 300 converted to 3D and it was enough to convince him to do the same for LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIANS.

But for this post anyway, what Snyder said next strikes a chord: "I haven't seen the whole movie (300) but they're talking about doing the whole movie. I saw maybe like a ten-minute section that they'd just done. By the way, they did an amazing job. The way we shot it actually, it's almost like a 3D movie anyway, so it really lends itself to that. There is a difference. If you look at the trailer for GUARDIANS, it's clearly a true 3D movie, it's just whistle clean, all of the layers, all of the elements are tack sharp, it's crazy. So there is a difference, but I feel like the cool thing about "Sucker Punch" - it's exactly like Alan (Horn) said, "If you want a 3D experience with that movie, it will be there and it will be awesome. If you want to see it in 2D, it will be there as well."

Well I have always wanted to see 300 in 3D
- along with THE MATRIX and STAR WARS. Looks like stage one of my master plan may be closer than I thought! What do you think? Want to see some Spartans kicking butt in 3D? :-)


Video Q&A: Sam Worthington - 3D's Poster Boy Whether He Likes It Or Not!

And he DOES like it. A lot.

Jim here. Sam Worthington has seen a lot of 3D in the past year and when I had the chance to speak with him at ShoWest I didn't waste that opportunity. In fact he is probably the modern day version of 3D's poster boy.

Two things were at the top of my mind: Firstly, what does he think about native 3D (AVATAR) vs. conversion (CLASH OF THE TITANS) technology and secondly, what future projects does he have in mind that may involve 3D.

In Sam's typical idiom, he replies with complete honesty and of course well rehearsed, safe responses. :-)

Get his answers in the clip below. I asked the first two questions:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dreamworks Animation's MEGAMIND Teaser Trailer Online

Jim here. Got the new teaser trailer for Dreamworks Animation's MEGAMIND. Not much to speak of in this teaser except we are introduced to the main evil character and his sidekick.

I did not get enough of a feeling from this clip to justify an opinion, other than "I need to see more".

So have a look yourself - DWA's MEGAMIND:

Warner Bros. Letting It Ride On 3D: FINAL DESTINATION, DC Comics Library, ALL Major Tentpoles In Fact!!

Jim here. Vegas is all about having the kahunas to bet big and Warner Bros. was in the right town for their gung ho announcement at ShoWest.

Alan Horn (Warner Bros head) gushed about 3D almost as much as we do right here! It was a pleasure to listen to him pontificate about it. Michael and I were practically high fiving every few seconds (ok not really, but MENTALLY we were).

So what properties are Warner Bros considering for next gen 3D catalog? How about ALL OF THEIR TENTPOLES? Yes. He said that. Remember that I predicted that a major studio would go all S3D a while back? Well... this is darn close. He also indicated that they will be replacing the cash cow HARRY POTTER with the DC Comic catalog.

Individually we are looking at: THE GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH, potentially BATMAN, SUPERMAN... and...

The fourth iteration of FINAL DESTINATION was not all that final! So says Alan Horn. FINAL DESTINATION 5 will be reaping more lives very soon. I am all for this announcement too. There are plenty of folks out there that will speak out against the franchise, but I for one - LOVE them. Bring it on.

You know what guys?
I was actually expecting Disney to be the first studio to up the ante and say that all of their movies will be in 3D from now on. Warner Bros. really surprised me - but am I happy? Darn right. And at the rate these guys make money - it will only mushroom from here in 3D. :-)

3D Geek Alert: First Batch Of Panasonic S3DHD TVs Sell Out

Jim here. Not surprising and not really something to laud about because we simply do not know how many were actually bought yet - BUT - all of Panasonic's S3DHD TVs were sold out in the first week of release this month.

They were sold in bundles which is good because everyone loves a good combo. $2900 got you a 50" S3DHD Plasma, 3D Blu-ray Player and one pair of 3D glasses.

Look for increased sales of the systems throughout the year
, especially when the 3D AVATAR Blu-ray comes out (hopefully in November, in time for the holidays).

It won't hurt the ratings or 3D TV sales when The Masters is televised in S3DHD - complete with the infamous return to golf for Mr. Tiger Woods this April 5-11, 2010.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jon Landau On James Cameron's Next Project (Showest 2010)

Michael here. Jon Landau made a surprise appearance at the ShoWest press conference, and Jim asked him whether he might have time to do a project like The Dive before making Avatar 2.

Watch below:

So it looks like Cameron and Landau's next project will depend on how quickly a great script for Avatar 2 comes in. I love hearing that to make Avatar 2, they would have to be confident that it would be "as good or better" than the first. In any case, we should know their next project within six months.

Friday, March 19, 2010

CLASH Of The Dimensions: TITANS Clip disappointing

Jim here. I wish I had better news for you - I really do. Being a 3D advocate is not easy at times and this is one of them.

I saw select scenes from CLASH OF THE TITANS and I was quite dismayed at what I saw. All in all it was about 8 minutes. Keep in mind that this presentation was made in front of theater owners - the ones who make the decision on how to promote movies at the local level.

We know that Warner Bros. decided to go with a rush job of converting the movie to 3D in post. Turns out, it seems it was a bad idea. While many theater goers may not notice the things that I notice, there were serious problems with what I saw.

1. Flat backgrounds: During several scenes when examining the far distance it was as if it were simply painted on a matte while other objects in the foreground popped. I shook my head every time I saw it.
2. Distortion / Blurriness: Quite often, especially in the action sequences (which was most of the clip) objects were very blurry and distorted. It was horrible. I have no other word for it.
3. Ghosting: Yes, there was a lot of ghosting in the scenes, some worse then others. There is no excuse for this for this type of screening. I will say that there is a possibility that the ghosting was due to the 3D projection being used. In this case, it was Dolby 3D.

So, bottomline - should you go see this movie? Yes. In 2D. Will it be better in 3D? My estimation at this time is no. I will be seeing it in both formats and I will let you know when I do. I found their attempt at 3D very distracting and this is EXACTLY what we do not want at this time. A lackadaisical attempt at a hurried 3D solution.

C'mon guys. You know better than this. What did you expect? I can see Warners being sucked into the demo reels of the conversion company which were probably pretty darn good. Even the test reels for TITANS was probably excellent. But a whole movie in that timeframe will have issues - at least at this time. Conversion is getting better every day.

Later in the Warner reel we saw how 3D should be done: LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIANS. I will have more on that later.

I am posting this from McCarran Airport in Vegas and I have to board in a few minutes so will be posting much later as I cross the country.

Here's hoping that somehow something was amiss with the screening here at ShoWest and the movie will come out smelling like roses. Somehow I don't think so. It's a shame because Warners has shown tremendous support to 3D this year and I love them for it. But it has to be done right.

THE HANGOVER Sequel Starts Shooting In November, It Will NOT Be In Vegas And It Probably Will Be 3D!!!

Jim here. THE HANGOVER sequel is definitely going to happen - but even more interesting is that director Todd Phillips wants to make it stereoscopic 3D! I asked him about his interest in 3D and specifically about the use of the format for THE HANGOVER - more on that in a moment.

First things first, Todd confirmed to my friend Robin Leach that the sequel is happening and that he is actively writing the script (75% done). The director also revealed that they are going to start shooting at the end of November (subject to talent schedules). Leach also pressed him about the location of THE HANGOVER being Miami, which was never clearly answered.

ALL of the four core cast members are returning.

THE HANGOVER 2 will definitely NOT be set in Las Vegas. Phillips said: "In reality, those gentlemen would never return to Vegas." So true. :-)

The original movie has made $467 million so there is ample energy to get this thing done. Phillips said the original investment to get the movie out was $32 million.

Getting on to 3D Phillips said that he agrees with the statement that "pretty soon everything will be in 3D" and backed that up by saying that its like the older statement that "pretty soon everything will be in color". Further, he said "Why wouldn't you shoot in 3D" and that it was all about restraint. He liked how James Cameron showed the world that it was "not about poking you in the eye but instead it was pulling you in."

I asked him "Would you consider 3D for a comedy?" to which he said "I don't see why every movie is not going to be sure in 3D in the next three or four years..."

Of course I wasn't going to let him off quite so easily so I clarified with "And specifically THE HANGOVER sequel?" Phillips replied that he had actually talked to Jim Cameron about this because it would be the perfect movie to do in 3D. He has some issue with the mobility of the 3D cameras as they shoot with a very loose style, but he is looking into it. Cameron invited him down to show him things that he has been doing and Phillips has totally invested himself in 3D's future!

Here is the full video interview:

Such an amazing thing to hear from him because no one has done a modern 3D comedy and he could be the first to do so starting as early as THIS November! I am totally stoked about this sequel now. SO many things could be done to draw in audiences for THE HANGOVER 2 and imagine the morning after shown actually the way you would see it through an alcohol induced haze LOL.

So what about you guys? Excited about seeing those characters get in some more trouble in 3D? :-)

Awesome Avatar Hologram from RabbitHoles Media (Showest 2010)

Michael here. Tonight at the ShoWest awards banquet (at which Sam Worthington received the Male Star of the Year award) Jon Landau and James Cameron (who was not present) were presented with full color holograms from RabbitHoles Media. The holograms depict Neytiri in the Pandoran jungle, drawing her bow.

Check out the video below to get an idea of what the holograms looked like:

Pretty darn awesome--I want one. There's a good chance holograms will be the future of entertainment, and companies like RabbitHoles are leading the charge.

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